Mika Kallio has secured five MotoGP wild-card appearances for KTM for the 2018 season as parts of its teams’ concessions arrangement.

The KTM test rider made four wild-card starts this year capped by an impressive 10th place finish in Austria along with an 11th place in Aragon.

The Grand Prix Commision announced that teams with manufacturer concessions are permitted to a maximum of six wild-card entries per season, rather than three, with Kallio listed for Jerez, Catalunya, Germany, Austria and Aragon.

The wild-card rules were confirmed in a statement which also announced two new awards in MotoGP from 2018: the MotoGP Independent Team and Rider Trophies.

Moto2 and Moto3 will also welcome new World Championships with a teams' title set to be introduced in the same format which currently exists in MotoGP. Results will be based on the combined points of all riders in a team including substitutes and replacements.

Virtual Pit Board Signals will continue for 2018 with the requirement that any message sent to riders by teams has to be simultaneously transmitted to Dorna for timekeeping and TV feeds. 

Finally, the Malaysian Grand Prix at the Sepang International Circuit was selected as winner of the ‘best Grand Prix of 2017’ by the FIM Grand Prix Commission.


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Good way to keep the other team guys on their toes as well as keeping a good development rider on board?

unlucky to not be competing the whole season more like. 

"The testing of road racing wheels has also been confirmed to be introduced in 2018."

What's that all about?

Did I read that they're trying to cut suspension cost perhaps there's a minimum weight to stop the factory teams using super exotic materials ?

There's a good chance he'll outscore the great BS bradley smith in 2018