For a rider that rips up the record book as regularly as spraying the victory champagne, Marc Marquez has made it clear he is unmoved by amassing numbers. “I just want to continue in this dream,” he said in the wake of a thrilling MotoGP climax at Valencia.

Marquez claimed an unprecedented fourth premier class crown in November while just 24 years and 254 days of age, making him the youngest rider to complete this feat in 69 years of grand prix racing history.

As well as being the youngest ever MotoGP race winner and world champion – records he took off Freddie Spencer in 2013 -, Marquez can safely be considered among the all-time greats. Only Giacomo Agostini (eight), Valentino Rossi (seven) and Mick Doohan (five) amassed more top class titles.

Yet soon after his title triumph that came about through a tense five-rider fight in Valencia, the Catalan was adamant that savouring the moment was among his chief aims. There may be time to consider the numbers in the future. For now, he said, the focus is “continue this sweet moment” before preparations for ’18 begin in January.

“Honestly, I don’t’ want to think about a number or about a name or about the limit,” he said. “I just want to enjoy it. I’m in a dream. I want to keep continue in this dream, in this sweet moment. I’m 24. I’m in the world that I dream since I was five years old. I’m very happy, very proud.

“I have a very good team. Everything is really nice in my life, so I just want to keep enjoying. Of course, if in the end of the season you can celebrate the championship is much better.

“But I know that my feet always are touching on the ground. We are world champion until December. January will be a new season. I hope to fight again one more year like this.

“Next year will be another year. From first of January next year, I’m another rider. It will be a new year. We will hope to fight again for the championship. We will try to work hard on the pre-season like always we do.

“Like we saw this year, you need to pay attention in all the riders. Johan [Zarco] will be very fast. He finished the season in a good way. Dovi [Andrea Dovizioso], Ducati. We will see how is the level of the Yamaha also. But in the moment just enjoy it and forget for minimum two months the problems.”

Since the introduction of spec electronics software and Michelin tyres at the beginning of 2016, MotoGP has witnessed two memorable years. ’16 saw nine different riders winning races – a unique feat – while ’17 saw another tense title battle and could consistently boast of excellent racing.

Asked whether he felt as though he is competing in another ‘golden era’, Marquez replied, “For me, yeah,” before pointing to series organiser Dorna’s request for Michelin to bring three different front and rear tyre options to each round in '17 as a key factor behind the close racing.

“The show what we have now [with the] electronics but since Michelin arrive, one of the good things this year is that we have three front tyres, three rear tyres. Each manufacturer can choose the best one for his bike,” he said.

“[It] Makes everything much more equal. I think for the fans it’s much more exciting. I love it. Honestly, 2013 I won the championship but the races, a bad day was fourth position. In the end, it’s a not a real championship. A real championship is like what we have today, that four or five riders fighting for the victory. If you do a small mistake, or if you have a bad day you can finish tenth place easy.”


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More evidence, as if you needed it, to smash the myth of 'The GOAT'.  And all done without reliance on the VR Dirty Tricks Department, that has run so successfully throughout the yellow one's career.

Regardless if you're a fan of Marc or not, the guy is an incredible talent and even if he packed it in tomorrow, he's got nothing left to prove.  Personally I think he'll surpass both Rossi and Ago's title hauls but time will tell

@ steveo99 Right now and the way he is performing, I'd be inclined to agree.

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These types of comments I've heard from MM fans that I personally know, are right up the alley of his comments here in this article.  I often here from them before a race that they're rooting for the underdog, Marc Marquez.  I scratch my head at first, but yeah, I suppose that's somewhat correct.  The obstacles he has to overcome just with the equipment he is provided with are enough to prevent all the other Honda riders from being consistently successful, the way you have to be to win races and championships.  And yet, there he is.  The "underdog" world champion once again.

"...a bad day was fourth position. In the end, it’s a not a real championship"

I agree, a duel or even a threeway is not a championship.

I was a Marquez fan until he started beating rossi (2015 made me loose a lot of respect for rossi, and I've been a fan since 13 years old) and it's easy to see he will break these records barring injury. I'd also love to see him go to yamaha and see how he does but that's wishful 

You can bet your bottom dollar that he will eventually jump onto the KTM factory team seeing how KTM's current personnel were the ones who gave him his 125cc opportunity. There are a lot of people in that team who have worked with or spotted Marquez and brought him to MotoGP. 

He's very likely to return the favor by winning atleast 1 world title for KTM before he retires back on the factory Hondas who he is also indebted to considering the fact that Honda gambled to sign a rookie to replace Stoner. 

I remember some of his racing in the smaller classes and being blown away by it, thinking I was looking forward to seeing him on the big bikes, but even I didn't expect his career to do so well this quickly.

Marc is racing against the best of his generation and I'm sure there are more titles to come.

The last 2 years I've seen some of the best races of my life and I hope the championship will continue in this vein - thank God the dreaded CRT bikes have gone

Let's be real here. If you took Rossi first 4 years in MotoGP and Marquez first 4 years in MotoGP they're eerily similar. To say at this current point that he will without a doubt pass Agostini and Rossi would be stretch. It's not impossible but with how tight the grid has continued to become I can see moving forward it becoming increasingly difficult.