MotoGP and World Superbike going head-to-head in a race situation unfortunately won't happen, but the private Jerez test gets as close as possible by allowing riders from both championships on track at the same time.

So sit back, watch and listen as machines from two different worlds square-up on track…



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Love me the sound of the screamers!

would love to see a race with everyone from motogp and wsbk. even with a couple sec per lap advantage for the top motogp bikes - i think it will be close and mixed race. if riders are 80% of the package - with everyone riding their own bikes,  where wuold you expect wsbk top 5  to finish in such race? - i would say top 15 for sure, even top 12 


I bet the top WSBK bikes/riders would be faster than a lot of the "also rans" from GP ("pre-Ducati" Rabat, Simeon, Lowes) on quite a few tracks, others with long straights where the GP bikes can exploit their insane top speeds, not so much.  

Now putting them against the likes of Marquez, Dovi, Vinales, Rossi and co. in race trim?  I'd be surprised if they managed to finish within 30 seconds of the leader.  

Single lap times in these tests are one thing, over race distance is a completely different beast.

wish they have a season end event ala ROC but using the bikes that they are racing for their own series and on the same track that they race on... Laguna Seca comes to mind if State-side....or Catalunya or Jerez if Europe

scrap moto gp and wsbk and just have superstock

p.s. but  keep bsb

We did see WSbK (or close to) back a few years ago with the CRT bikes. They were basically WSBK engines with Prototype chassis. They weren’t in the same race. Of course all the top riders were on full prototypes, the gap was  noticeable when you looked at lap times.