Having found himself pushed to the very final round of 2017 by an unexpected challenge from Andrea Dovizioso, Marc Marquez is keeping an open mind on his likely 2018 MotoGP rivals.

But the Spaniard does name Johann Zarco, looking to build on a stellar rookie season, and triple MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo, starting his second year at Ducati, alongside this year's race winners on his 2018 watchlist.

"I cannot say one name because one of the things that I learned this season is that you need to consider all the riders in the same way, the same level," Marquez told the official MotoGP website.

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"I didn't expect Dovizioso like this, so next year I will keep focus a little bit more on for example Dovizioso, Valentino, Vinales, Pedrosa - but also I think Zarco and Lorenzo can be very fast too."

Like all of the riders he named, Marquez is out of contract at the end of 2018.

While nothing is certain until a new contract is signed, it seems unlikely that Marquez will leave Honda at this stage, where he has won four titles in five years and is surrounded by a hand-picked group of loyal team members.

"My contract finishes at the end of 2018. So it will be time to negotiate your contract, speak with the team, with manufacturers…

"But of course always I never forget that Honda gave me the opportunity to be in the world championship and Honda give me the feeling that I need at the moment.

"So we will see, but at the moment I feel really good [at Honda]."


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Marquez has skills, best after CS, NH, AB, KRs. In a motogp history is one rider needed special tyres, needed advantage 4stroke vs 2 stroke, needed to block contract with talanted rideres, needed special terms in team to avoid his teammate becomes new parts at the same time. The rider is the yellow liar, who produced such a brainless followers like you

In 2018 he's expected to leave Honda?  That must be a semi well guarded secret.  I've read nothing to that effect, only of rumors that KTM wants him.  I'm sure every team wants him, but that's not the same as him wanting them.

Personally, unless he's confident another team can provide the resources he needs to win world championships, I'd think a move from Honda would be ill advised.  Honda may not be the greatest bike year-in year out, but on average they've come through.  And as for his team, they've certainly come through with their Honda partner, so there's a positive working relationship there.  Just look at his records. Undefeated on American soil.  His string of successive wins in 2014 and at many tracks, like Germany. 

At the end of the day, MM wins because of he has a working formula.  If he moves to another less organized manufacturer, it might be enough to throw future championships away.

Remain at Honda, but get them to pay you what you are worth.

Honda have already said their prime objective is to keep Marquez so it would take a team with very deep pockets to lure him away. Partly down to HRC using Cal, a less naturally gifted rider the Honda seems to be getting more user friendly. So Marc would be foolish to move.

...or just another competitive team with a good compensation offer, since the main reason he'd want to leave Honda after winning 4 titles there is the same reason that Lorenzo left Yamaha. If he really wants to prove that he's the best rider, he has two options. The first is win an outrageous number of titles with the same team, like Vale has 5 MotoGP titles with Yamaha. The second and much more convincing is to win multiple titles with different teams, like Vale has with 5 titles with Yamaha and 2 with Honda. Not counting the 250cc and 125cc titles.


Marquez has 4 titles all with Honda, sooner or later he's going to have to make a choice, stay and try to get 8 titles all with Honda, or leave and get at least 4 more with a new team. Guess which will be harder.

So Marquez thinks that everyone can challenge except Morbidelli and Redding? Sorry guys I hate Marquez as much as the next person, but he would win on any bike.  Except if you put him on Schwantz's old Suzuki. He could probably hide side himself up and over a fence on that. Yea, noone has invented time travel,,,,, bummer.

For those who have watched the after Velencia video of Marquez, where he is in a suit being interviewed, he states that he doesn't want to change one thing in his life because everything is working perfectly. It doesn't matter what we read, from that interview he isn't going anywhere. Honda will pay for the privilage of having him in their team, he gets more press from the saves than most get from winning a race. At present he is the Honda brand. 

Super talented, charismatic, polite, and professional...he can pick his future and write any number he wants on Honda paychecks.

Still,it would be cool to see him ride another brand

KTM has already said it would contradict their young riders program by hiring MM. And it would seem that would be the smartest place to go but not likely. Ducati has banked on JL, Yamaha on MV. Suzuki would be interesting but why bother if they're simply so uncompetitive. But who knows, maybe he can pull a Rossi and pull over his crew and revitalize them immediately. He's young enough to experiment with these things. And if he fails he can go back to honda...


Suzuki was uncompetitive last year, I guess that means they'll always suck LOL

despite their having the best-handling bike on the grid