For the first time since 2007, no Yamaha rider finished in the top two of the MotoGP World Championship standings.

Indeed, neither Maverick Vinales or Valentino Rossi won a race after round 8 of 18, at Assen.

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It is a measure of how the new crash forum is universally disliked that they have to create debates, whereas the previous forum format was rich in comments and contributions.

Why is there another place for forums anyway. Do we need this page and a seperate 'FORUMS' page?

I thought recently that we were starting to get some good comments on here.

Nah Codge, the same old poison on here all the time !!

See below for proof.......

Totally agree, The moderators would badly want to wake up and get rid of this guy below, same hate dribble over and over again.

There'll be an annoying echo. 

I suspect the idea is for the forum to be for anyone to start a discussion or to have a place where things can be discussed without an accompanying article. However, as they are announced on a page where you can add comments (which is far more convenient), we add comments.

This article is designed to stir, as is the 'do riders get better with age' story. We are expected to play the 'bash the rider' to create controversy and more hits. Shame we won't play - hee hee. Of course the usual cracked records put their tired and absurd comments but we ignore them as we're not interested.

The standard has improved quite a lot in general and the halfwits are having a bad time. What a shame.

You Sir, have hit the nail on the noggin !

Casey was right about a certain guy's Ambition outweighing his talent. All that weight fell on Maverick when he began the intra-team chassis wars that the rookie never wanted to have in the first place. Lin Jarvis should be fired for sucking up to the wrong person to win the title for the team every year. 

Keep Yossarian I say. "Dribble" or not :)

Does he mean 'drivel' do you think ?

When he dribbles too much Matron takes way his computor privileges.