Just prior to getting his hands on a MotoGP bike at Jerez in November, Moto2 race winner Alex Marquez carried out four days of vital development work for next year's Kalex chassis.

After losing out to KTM in the final three rounds, the German manufacturer looks to have a real fight on its hands for 2018.

“Mainly we improve a little bit the rear grip, which was the biggest difference between the Kalex and the KTM,” Marquez said of the tests.

“We made some steps there. But in the winter they need to keep going like this. It will be interesting in February to see whether Kalex will give to us something more.

“We were not able to improve the lap time on the second day [at Valencia] but we tried many, many things for Kalex. That was our priority.

"Now they have all winter to work. We know, more or less, which is the direction to follow.”

On his new Marc VDS team-mate and reigning Moto3 champion Joan Mir, Marquez added, “He was really fast. In one lap it’s different to when you have a used tyre and he need to get used to that, but he looks so fast.

“It’s interesting to see when Moto3 riders come [to Moto2]. The entry speed is a little but too much. It’s normal. He needs to change some lines, some style.

"But in the first two tests, he did a really good job.”


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Would love to see Mir beat alex in 2018

Would love to see Mir beat alex in 2018

You will likely see it.  Marc plays the nice big brother well when he says his brother is a faster rider than he is. 

Alex seems like a nice kid, but he is not world champion material.  He got lucky with the Moto3 title, and I can't see him repeating that luck in the faster classes.

Maybe he'll prove me wrong, but nothing I've seen from him in Moto2 has been all that impressive.

Completely agree with everything you've said.

Be interesting to see how far his surname will take him

Martin is faster than Mir that is clear in the paddock he just needs race craft which he seems to have have.