Click below to watch MotoGP stars Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa surprise a class of eight-year -old school kids, by disguising themselves as maths teachers...


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Oh my god...Difficult to recognize...

I find it amazing how popular Marc Marquez is in a class room of under twleve year olds. They adore him. 

in what other country do 12yo know motoGP racers? try italy ..
thats why most riders come from these countries .. the next generation is already riding.. 

MM93 with the beard looks a bit like NH69

Complete rubbish PR stunt sold as a surprise visit. There are several different cameras in the room, many hand held and yet we never see those cameras or crew in the wide shots. This means the scenes were filmed several times over, so the kids were totally in on it from the get go. 

Smartymarty Bah Humbug.

They were hidden cameras. The making of video for the prank shows where the cameras were hidden. Boxes, coat buttons and more places

Repsol do good PR vids. Like this one

I think the children were disappointed that it wasn't Rossi and uccio!

Didn't look like the kids were too disappointed, think you were disappointed Rossi wouldn't take the time... sorry, pay him and he would...