Jorge Lorenzo tries a hybrid Ducati Desmosedici, a GP17 featuring some 2018 parts, during MotoGP testing at Jerez in November.

The full 2018 Ducati is expected to debut at Sepang in January…


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Ya, that's the reason I unsubbed from your youtube channel.. misleading headlines and video of riders going in/out of the pits and along a straight.. with no dialogue, commentary or real purpose except to get some hits.. get them elsewhere!

JL develops Ducati!!!;-) according to SENNAFTW and the other usual Italian hating clan, the 2017 Ducati was winning due to JL very sudden input, even though it had won two GPs in 2016 & got numerous podiums! Funny that! While JL was on a Yamaha in 2016 he still made a impact in the development of the Ducati. 

Maybe he was doing development work on the quiet for Ducati or maybe the Italian haters don't want to give AD any credit. It's probably the latter. Lol!

AD04 form at the beginning of the year was no different to other years - he finished second last 3 years in QTR and the next 4-5 races was about avg to what he ususally got. - the big break (before PI crash) was after JL99  got his wings and his act together.. then they both were about same pace for the rest of the races - so i'm guessing JL had something to do with it. sometimes a new set of eyes see different things. and JL has ton of experiance with winning bikes. 


 And I’m very pleased with the way the people at Ducati reacted to the first few races in which we had some problems. It wasn’t easy to recover from those complicated situations we had at the beginning of the season. It started from the tests we had in Barcelona and Mugello, we improved the performance of our bike very much."- Gigi Dall’Igna 

Now go cry somewhere else. 

Judging by how Yamaha had a monumental disaster and Ducati's upward trend, maybe Jlo did have a good say in development, but let's see the next season to reaffirm.

Haha! Get real if JL did improve the bike then how come he didn't win one race yet AD won 6 races in the 2017 season. I get it the Spanish leg humpers hate Italians but AD put in the work not JL. AD deserves all the credit, so cry cry cry somewhere else.

If AD continues to dominate JL! I can't wait to hear the leg humpers views then. Yamaha have already stated that the problem with the 2017 Yamaha would still have occurred if JL was still riding it. JL always needed a perfect handling motorcycle and if he hasn't then he is a mid pack rider. Unfortunately for JL the Ducati is far from perfect and time will tell what happens JL. 

Don't be suprised to see him on the Suzuki in 2019.

"If AD continues to dominate JL!"
Considering that Flopsy finished 5th in the standings this year while his teammate who had 3 wins before his bike was sabotaged still managed to finish 3rd, you should worry about yet another rookie outshining The Compounder year after year. 

"Don't be surprised to see him on the Suzuki in 2019" -

A. his form at the last few races suggest he’s not leaving Ducati anytime soon.

B. Suzuki should consider themselves extremely lucky to sign JL (don’t think they can afford him) - Suzuki is very similar to Yamaha in bike behavior and JL can potentially be their best chance at WC. if it ever happened - Davide Brivio will be remembered as a genius..

V46R: I have no idea who you are, I know I certainly wouldn't have you around at my house, but take it from me you need help... you are a fucking moron, full of venom and accusation, you keep making a complete goose of yourself every time you put your thoughts on As far as Jorge being on a Suzuki, does that really make sense? And you slag the man off who has 3 titles to his name, and congrats to Dovi, he rode like a champion, but lets not forget it took him 5 years to shine on the red beast, Lorenzo has been there 1... idiot

Listen here now dickless! Only morons here are you and a few more or your leg humping Spanish groupies. What will you say when JL fails again in 2018? F##k all! You will go back into hiding because you are full of s##t my ignorant friend. 

You were one of the people who said JL would hammer AD on the Ducati! You got humble pie! JL will be lucky to keep JM or TR off his back wheel. Let's not forget JL has several test riders doing race simulations for him and Ducati are giving JL everything yet it's AD providing the results. 

Start making excuses for next year, because any top 8 rider could win on this version of Ducati thanks to Audi, Stoner, Dovi & Pirro.

Haha you sound very upset!! Pathetic loser.