Reigning MotoGP title runner-up Andrea Dovizioso and former triple champion Jorge Lorenzo have presented the machine with which Ducati hopes to go one better and win the world championship in 2018.

As ever with team launches - and especially given that the three pre-season tests are yet to start, while the livery might be 2018 the bike on display - the team confirmed that will not know the final technical configuration of the machine  until the new racing season.

Either way, compared with a year ago, the obvious visual difference is that the bike unveiled today was fitted with a (2017-spec) downforce fairing and has a revised livery -mixing grey with the usual red and white.


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I think they want to match Jorge's Red  & White theme...Nothing New on Design...But gives good appearence with the Grey instead White...But may there will be lot of changes technically like Chassis, handle, Swing arm and Engine...Anyway happy to be seen Motogp18 bikes launches...Waiting for Honda eagerly...They promised with Ducati like aero-Fairing and looks even better...I think Yamaha and Aprillia could almost same...

They put gray on the bike and leathers. Looks fine to me, less boring.

I still don't like the wings, but maybe they look a bit better like this all red.

Not bad livery, quite nice if that's as matte as it looks, shiny not always the best choice.  Personally I like the addition of the grey.

More RedBull on Dovi's helmet...nice to see A Monster & A RedBull in same team...

Looks better than last year IMO. It's starting to look like a Gundam robot. I don't think the Desmo has looked good since Stoner-carbon frame era.

They were looking damn great... 

I'm very excited for Ducati in 2018, they truly feel all-star! 

 - Top "motivated" riders, and test riders

 - Excellent engineering team with focus on innovation to deliver what riders need

 - A solid base for the bike

 - And overall an air of excitement and positive attitude.

If they indeed improve mid-corner turning & speed, i think this could be a game changer of a year. I feel that have the right people with the right attitude at every level

Looks like a Jet ski from the front but dont mind the addition of grey.

The two riders, Jorge and DOvi looked pumped, the team is on a high from Dovi's blueprint of 6 wins last year. I like the livery, I like the teams spirit, I like the way Jorge had patience last year and wth the garage and test riders they turned the red beast around, the wet races were evident of that. I think they are going to be a super strong team this year, my opinion only... 

Looks about as aerodynamic as the platform shoes i wore in the 80's.