Simone Corsi has taken his first ever grand prix victory with a last-turn pass on Joan Olive at the 125cc Turkish Grand Prix.

The closings stages had seen Olive and Corsi break away up front, with Corsi making the race-winning pass by diving inside his fellow Aprilia rider through the final chicane. Less than two seconds behind, KTM's Tommy Koyama won a frantic seven-rider fight for third ahead of Raffaele de Rosa and championship leader Gabor Talmacsi.

Pole sitter Mattia Pasini, who failed to finish the first two GPs of the season due to mechanical problems and an ill-judged passing attempt, suffered yet more bad luck when a mystery technical fault forced the Italian to pull out of an early lead and mount an emergency repair on the side of the track. The unlucky Aprilia rider rejoined at the tail of the field but later retired from the edge of the points.

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Race results - Istanbul Park:

1. Corsi (Aprilia)
2. Olive (Aprilia) +0.098secs
3. Koyama (KTM) +1.943secs
4. de Rosa (Aprilia) +2.191secs
5. Talmacsi (Aprilia) +2.646secs
6. Pesek (Derbi) +2.939secs
7. Zanetti (Aprilia) +3.119secs
8. Smith (Honda) +3.120secs
9. Iannone (Aprilia) +10.353secs
10. Faubel (Aprilia) +10.842secs

21. Coghlan (Honda) +45.630secs
23. Webb (Honda) +49.852secs