Talmacsi tuned pole into an early lead, then disappeared into the distance, while second on the grid Mattia Pasini - looking for his third win in a row - was bumped off track after a poor start. The Italian rejoined at the back of the field but later retired, marking his sixth DNF from ten starts.

Meanwhile, Talmacsi - who had gone seven races without a win - had built a four-second lead as early as lap 5 of 27, held that advantage by the midway stage and went on to win by 3.532 secs to retake the world championship lead from Aspar Aprilia team-mate Hector Faubel, who finished third behind KTM's Tommy Koyama, by two points.

Race results - Sachsenring:

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1. Talmacsi (Aprilia)
2. Koyama (KTM) +3.532secs
3. Faubel (Aprilia) +3.610secs
4. Corsi (Aprilia) +4.444secs
5. Krummenacher (KTM) +11.851secs
6. Pesek (Derbi) +11.920secs
7. Cortese (Aprilia) +17.271secs
8. Smith (Honda) +19.484secs
9. Nieto (Aprilia) +20.950secs
10. Ranseder (Derbi) +22.628secs

27. Webb (Honda) +1min 27.243secs