Frenchman Louis Rossi, from Le Mans, takes his first ever grand prix win in soaking conditions.

Personal best finish for Alberto Monaco in second and a first podium for rookie Alex Rins in third.

Maverick Vinales, Hector Faubel, Miguel Oliveira among the leaders to fall. Sandro Cortese falls and remounts.

Only 15 riders finished...

1. Louis Rossi FRA (FTR Honda) 49m 12.390s
2. Alberto Moncayo SPA (Kalex KTM) 49m 39.738s
3. Alex Rins SPA (Suter Honda) 49m 41.289s
4. Niccol? Antonelli ITA (FTR Honda) 49m 45.585s
5. Arthur Sissis AUS (KTM) 49m 49.379s
6. Sandro Cortese GER (KTM) 49m 57.702s
7. Jasper Iwema NED (FGR Honda) 50m 11.035s
8. Alan Techer FRA (TSR Honda) 50m 17.412s
9. Ivan Moreno SPA (FTR Honda) 50m 21.584s
10. Giulian Pedone SWI (Suter Honda) 50m 58.141s
11. Jonas Folger GER (Ioda) 49m 46.804s
12. Marcel Schrotter GER (Mahindra) 50m 10.213s
13. Kevin Hanus GER (Honda) 50m 40.631s
14. Alessandro Tonucci ITA (FTR Honda) 50m 24.017s
15. Niklas Ajo FIN (KTM) +1 lap