Broc Parkes says he has struggled this weekend in Jerez with the Australian over six tenths slower than his teammate, Michael Laverty, in qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix.

Speaking to, Parkes commented that the team made progress on Saturday with their setup but that they are still some way from where he expected to be this weekend.

"It was a little bit better, but not enough," said Parkes. "I was hoping to be better in qualifying and be low 41's instead of high 41's. We changed the bike a lot over the last couple of days, more for the race than qualifying, we went in a direction to try and get more transfer from the bike but now we want to move back to the middle between where we were before for the warmup and see if it's better.

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"We tried lifting the bike a lot more and getting more transfer for the race to help with tyre wear and give a bit more grip and it helps in some ways but maybe now we have to go into the middle and find a happy medium for the race."

The fight at the back of the field looks quite competitive with Petrucci, Laverty, di Meglio, Parkes and Barbera separated by one second in qualifying and for Parkes it will be key to find that extra performance if he is to have a chance to fight with the other CRT bikes at the back of the field:

"It's close with the CRT bikes so I hope that I'll have a good enough setup to run with them in the race. Last time in Argentina I couldn't run with them all the race and I lost them at half way so I'm hoping that the setup will be good enough here to battle with them."