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May 11, 2014 10:51 PM

MotoGP » Espargaro: Open ECU means podium sliding away

It´s now about the corporate bottom line. The biggest manufacturers/teams/sponsors win. If the playing ever was leveled then Yamaha, Honda, Repsol etc would leave, take their riders with them and any up-and-comming talent and probably have their own series. But that won´t happen. Let´s not kid ourselves into believing that. Control ECU´s didn't change F1 and it won´t change motogp. The powers that be are simply trying to trick the majority as Talent Fan put it into believing that motogp will be a more level playing field. OK the smaller manufacturers will get closer to the front but it won´t equate to places gained, just smaller gaps between the bikes. It is now almost impossible to to prevent what has happened in motogp from continuing. Almost a complete lack of transparency and the biggest budget gets the best talent is here to stay. Corporations don´t want to pump in huge amounts of cash unless there is a solid guarantee of equal results. The Italian programmers who did the business at Ducati are a classic example. Wherever they went success followed them. And they finished up at Honda. And any sizable opposition to the "corporate bottom line" having a negative effect on motogp will be wiped off the forums before it gains momentum. Any forum which does not "tow the line" will loose their rights to publish motogp news. A forum which looses their rights cannot even mention the word motogp. So Talent Fan, as much as I agree with your posts I think you are fighting a loosing battle. It´s now about the bikes. Great posts though. No sarcasm intended.


May 08, 2014 1:47 PM

MotoGP » Lorenzo: Soft tyre better for our bike

TrueFan: It is unlikely that Lorenzo will challenge for the championship this year, but anyone who writes him off doesn't understand what a quality rider he is. He will adapt. When Stoner was slaughtering him every race in 2011, he kept working away to extract a little improvement here, and a little improvement there. Then, when the tyres caused chatter for the Hondas in 2012, Lorenzo turned on the metronome...some people have short memories on here.
Correction, when Honda was slaughtering Yamaha and then the opposite. Stoner only had Pedrosa to beat to the WC and Pedrosa has in 8 years not won a WC. Likewise JL had Spies to beat when the Yamaha was working well. Spies as we all know "didn't have it" to win a motogp title (his own words). The point is when the bike is a winning bike MM JL and VR are all capable of winning a WC. Stoner on the other hand had Caparossi and Pedrosa to beat to get the world championship firstly on the rocket Ducati with the powerful motor and the three famous Italian programmers and secondly on the Honda which also blitzed all comers. Caparossi and Pedrosa: Great riders but not a single motogp WC between them. Rossi is the only one to stand out. He beat JL to the championship in 2009. 2008 hardly counts as JL was still getting to grips with the bike. And 2010 does not count as Rossi broke his leg and suffered from a shoulder injury the whole season. Thats why I want to see JL go to Honda. Then we can compare them on equal machinery. If JL or VR was on the Honda then they would occupy 1st spot in the points standings. Assuming MM was on a Yamaha... If Yamaha cannot rise to the challenge JL should go to Honda.


May 11, 2014 10:16 PM

MotoGP » Pirelli: No plans to make MotoGP tyre bid

TalentFan: Agree a tyre co is on a hiding to nothing. Also, bearing in mind that the rubber is the only medium between bike and track surface..... And MotoGP bikes make a stupidly excessive amount of power, which they then artificially rein in BUT TOTALLY MAXIMISE, ALL THE TIME for the avaikable grip with the electronics. That has to mean a ANY tyre that ANY Co made gets ragged 100%, for 100% of the time. So, no matter how great a tyre the Co makes, there,s ALWAYS going to be the electronics there beating the carp out of it. People get fed up of me going on about it... but its well past time that people caught on that the negative consequences of OTT electronics and power have much further reaching effects than "just" eroding the rider and crew skills and talents, and tilting the playing field badly. Any tyre co with any sense will see that getting positive marketing from MotoGP isnt happening (Dorna will probably address this by fining and penalising anyone in the paddock so no one moans
Reminds me of a certain rider who fell into that category. Look what happened to him.


May 04, 2014 5:41 PM

MotoGP » Landmark race, disappointing result for Lorenzo

Yep he is physically at 100%. It´s just that Rossi and his team has the Yamaha sorted. I think the "King of motogp" has been comprehensively de-throned. Lorenzo was never a nice rider, to anyone. Complains about other riders and then does the same himself. Hypocrite. Case in point his behavior in the last race of last season. He also displayed un-sportsman behavior when he bumped the back of MM´s bike during FP when MM was stopped and about to practice a race start simulation. I sincerely hope MM vetos his move to Honda if JL tries to go that way in the future.


May 04, 2014 11:11 PM

MotoGP » Landmark race, disappointing result for Lorenzo

Lorenzo has a huge ego that has to be satisfied and thus the excuse of not being at 100% fitness. Lorenzo is in the middle of brain explosion territory. Unlike MM and VR who perform brilliantly under pressure Lorenzo cracks. Just like Casey Stoner. I sense a lactose intolerance coming from JL. Or maybe JL may state that the planets are out of alignment. Either way JL is headed for a big crash and burn. Get your hats ready JL supporters. It wont be long before you have to eat them... like the Smith supporters. Either way motogp supporters have a rider in JL that they can point the finger at. Amazing result for Rossi, a rider who is in his mid thirties beating a team mate in his prime at his home circuit. Rossi has done it all. 9 WC´s and over 100 wins. MM is heading the same way. JL feels left out, like Stoner. If this trend continues perhaps JL will leave in a huff like Stoner. sob sob sob...


May 04, 2014 11:20 PM

MotoGP » Pedrosa: I needed more time to pass Rossi

Andrew Long: MM wouldn't have mucked about getting past VR. DP just doesn't have that killer instinct that MM has in spades. Time for a new rider on that team in 2015 to replace DP me thinks.
That´s what makes MM so much better than Stoner. He has the killer instinct, the ability to make an aggressive pass. Honda would be mad to hire JL now. MM would veto it any way. And quite rightly too given that DP is giving Honda the constructors title in the bag too, assuming MM doesn't get injured. JL is now in brain explosion territory and has painted himself into a corner with Rossi now "on it". I see more excuses from JL due to his massive ego and more brain explosions.


May 04, 2014 9:05 PM

MotoGP » Landmark race, disappointing result for Lorenzo

ProfessorX: I am a fan of Dorna, look at how they have you guys going. Lolz. Lorenzo's fine, hes just pi**ed because he hasn't admitted to himself that his dream of being the champ was all a lie to begin with. We grow up, and learn from our mistakes, and stop believing in fairy tales. I saw a pic of Dani on the podium laughing to himself while Rossi and Marc took up the clown act, I think that pretty much says enough for me. Lorenzo is faster, and has always been faster than Rossi since 2008. But faster doesnt make you faster in the world of professional bike racing, sponsors, money and tv space are far more significant, and GP's require clowns. Sadly, Lorenzo, while putting on an act, can not sully himself by being a smiling fool for the masses. And in the business of entertainment, his dignity, and self respect preclude him from finishing any further up the rabbit hole. Lorenzo was useful when he was Yamaha's only answer, but with the new champ, he can only service as a villain.
What about the Lorenzo land flags that JL planted? And the "King of motogp" book? And the Japanese cartoon books? Lorenzo plays the victim and does the same himself. What about blocking Dovi down the main straight at Qatar? Of all the racers JL is the dirtyest.

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