To describe the desired results of a crew chief and team swap between his #29 Chevrolet driven by Kevin Harvick and the #07 Chevy of Casey Mears, owner Richard Childress likened the situation to a man and woman trying to improve themselves after a divorce.

"When a man and woman are getting a divorce, and they think they're both giving 100 per cent, then the first thing she wants to do is get in the tanning bed and lose 30 pounds," Childress said. "He goes and gets rid of his gut and [buys] a sports car."

Childress hopes his recent personnel moves - Gil Martin and his crew to Harvick's team and Todd Berrier and his crew to Mears' - will energise both race teams.

"We've made a crew chief change in the past and, each time, it's always seemed to be successful," Childress noted, "You just can't sit here and accept running like we've ran in the last four races. I'm just making the statement that we're not going to do it."

In the last four races - at Bristol, Martinsville, Texas and Phoenix - Harvick finished 30th, eleventh, 27th and 30th and dropped to 16th in the Cup championship standings. Mears finished 24th, 21st, 21st and 20th in the same four events.
by Reid Spencer
Sporting News NASCAR Wire Service