Both Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle said Friday that the on-track incident between them last Sunday has been blown out of proportion.

Biffle was working his way toward the front late in the race when he nosed beneath Roush Fenway Racing team-mate Edwards, and the cars made contact, damaging the right front fender of Biffle's Ford.

"He didn't mean to come down on us and smash our right front fender in a little bit; I didn't mean to get into him," Biffle said, "It was one of those purely a racing deals that we got together. He didn't see it the way I did at the beginning, [but] you can clearly see that it was just racing. Carl didn't know I was in there. We talked about it, and we're all good with it."

Edwards agreed and made light of the situation.

"I'm still mad as hell at Greg," he said, jokingly, "I'm gonna wreck him. You guys keep an eye out. Keep the cameras on the Aflac car and the 3M car the whole race - anything can happen.

"No, we're fine. It was one of those deals where he was like 'I can't believe he turned down into me' and I was like 'I can't believe he stick his nose in there'. We had completely different viewpoints on it, but it's fine. We're fine. We talked about it Monday, and it was just a quick, easy conversation. It was just hard racing - but you can still keep the cameras on us more if you want."

by Reid Spencer
Sporting News NASCAR Wire Service


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