The illegal drug suspended Sprint Cup Series owner/driver Jeremy Mayfield allegedly tested positive for was methamphetamine, ESPN The Magazine reported Tuesday, citing sources.

Mayfield is suing NASCAR to get his indefinite suspension lifted, and NASCAR has countersued Mayfield for violating its substance-abuse policy and not informing NASCAR of changes in his medication.

All of the principals in the case, including NASCAR, the attorneys and the laboratory that did the test, have been under a gag order since May 29 and are not allowed to discuss the results of the test, which was taken May 1 at Richmond International Raceway.

Mayfield's lawsuit indicated he tested positive for amphetamines, which it says was the result of a prescription for Adderall, which is often used in the treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. It also stated he had taken Claritin-D, an over-the-counter allergy medicine, the day before the May 1 test.

NASCAR attorney Paul Hendrick, said in North Carolina state court May 29 that three drugs were found in Mayfield's system, and two were accounted for. But the test also found a "dangerous, illegal, banned" substance. He did not specify what that was, and NASCAR blacked out the substance in its counterclaim against Mayfield.

"After he tested positive for multiple drugs, Mayfield admitted that he had been using an (redacted) without informing NASCAR, for at least one month during which he raced in two races," NASCAR states in its counterclaim. "Mayfield's admitted use of an (redacted) does not explain his positive test for the illegal drug, (redacted)."

No toxicology reports were submitted as part of Mayfield's complaint. NASCAR included the toxicology report in its exhibits filed Friday, but it was redacted from the public documents available.

Mayfield, who has 433 career starts with five victories and two appearances in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, was asked May 16 if he denied using illegal drugs to cause the positive result.

"Am I denying it? Yeah, I'm denying it. Illegal drugs? Yeah, definitely," Mayfield said.


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