Rumours of a Jeremy Mayfield appearance at Daytona were rampant, but the reinstated driver opted to not pay a visit to the speedway.

Without a car in the race, Mayfield chose to avoid the media circus that undoubtedly would have distracted from festivities surrounding the Coke Zero 400.

Mayfield won an injunction in federal court Wednesday temporarily vacating his suspension from NASCAR after a drug test reportedly revealed methamphetamine in his system. Suspended May 9, Mayfield has argued that his positive test resulted from a combination of the prescription drug Adderall and over-the-counter Claritin-D, an assertion NASCAR's experts have repeatedly insisted is contrary to the findings of the test.

Mayfield and his wife, Shana Mayfield, issued a statement Saturday to explain their absence, maintain Mayfield's innocence and assert that the driver will attempt to race at Chicagoland next week.

"We've been watching on television and reading on-line about the 'Storm Clouds Over Daytona' and the 'Mayfield Media Circus' - honestly, this is the last thing Shana or I want for anybody," the statement read. "This weekend shouldn't be about a questionable drug test or a flawed drug testing system. It should be about celebrating our country; the greatest country in the world. So, enjoy the weekend with your friends and family, and have a very Happy Independence Day. We look forward to seeing you all at the track very soon."

by Reid Spencer/Sporting News


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