Drivers typically dread being called to the NASCAR hauler, because the result is usually a lecture, a stern warning or possible punishment. Robby Gordon, however, voluntarily paid a visit on Sunday morning after repeated dust-ups with Joey Logano in Saturday's Nationwide Series race at Watkins Glen.

Logano, who climbed from his burning car after Gordon drove him into a tyre barrier late in the race, referred to the incident with venom.

"You can't fix stupid," he fumed, "It's forever."

Gordon, meanwhile, presented his side of the story in a statement released Sunday morning.

"During the final incident that ended Joey's day, we were racing for the lucky dog position," he said, "We both had good cars and were just trying to improve our finishing position for the day. After the bus stop chicane, Joey wrecked the #34 of Tony Raines, and this contact allowed me to get underneath him in turn nine.

"He saw that I was going to pass him for the lucky dog position, so he tried to block me. This manoeuvre resulted in his right rear tyre connecting with my left front. From there, I felt he would be okay because he was in the section where the outer loop was. Rather than going down the inner loop, however, he decided to cut across the grass, hitting the tyre barrier."

Gordon stopped by the NASCAR hauler to make sure there would be no repercussions for the incidents, and Sprint Cup Series director John Darby confirmed that was the case - with one stipulation.

"That depends on what happens [Sunday]," Darby said after the drivers' meeting, "Yesterday's over."

Sunday's race was postponed by rain, however, and was rescheduled for noon ET Monday.

Darby added that Gordon's voluntary trip to the hauler wasn't unique.

"Drivers are welcome to come up and talk to us whenever they choose," he confirmed, "That type of situation probably happens many, many more times than what anybody knows. If there's something that happens, if a driver's concerned with an issue, if a driver's having problems - whatever - we welcome them to come up to the trailer and discuss it. We'll try to help them work it out."

by Reid Spencer / Sporting News NASCAR Wire Service


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