Suggestions that Kyle Busch could be on the radar for the new USF1 team at some point in the coming years have been quashed after Joe Gibbs Racing revealed it has signed a multi-year deal to keep the driver in the NASCAR Sprint Cup.

Team owner Joe Gibbs has confirmed that Busch has signed a deal for 'less than seven and more than three' years, with the focus now on challenging for the Sprint Cup crown.

"That's everybody's goal," Busch said. "That's all everybody's going to be saying over the next few weeks - that they want to win a championship. But how many championships can we hand out at the end of a season? There's only one - so you've got to earn it. And there is no one more determined than I am.

"You need [to be] solid, and that's what we're all about. You need to be solid and build your programme - and then when you get to the Chase, you've got to be peaking.

"I want to win. I'll always want to win - but that's something I've got to work on this year and build upon. I'm not going to be happy with those types of finishes, but it's going to be something as a team that we're going to have to accept. We're going to have to work harder to get those finishes more consistently, along with the firsts, seconds, thirds, fourths and fifths."

Busch secured the Nationwide Series title for JGR last season but failed to make the Chase for the Sprint Cup title - falling just short of the top twelve at the cut-off point.

However, team boss Gibbs said he was confident that a failure to make the chase wouldn't occur again this time around.

"Watching him in that Nationwide Series, there was some pressure involved in that," Gibbs said. "I think having him go through that really helped him. Now the difference when you come over to Cup, instead of taking third [in a Nationwide race] that's like finishing twelfth [in a Cup race]. Sometimes you've got to be willing to do that.

"But I also think you're not ever going to take away from him the fact that he wants to win every race. I admire that in him and I don't want that to change. He's going to charge. He don't like for anybody to ever pass him, and he gets upset when they do. But I do think having that Nationwide experience, I think that's going to help him run for the Cup championship.

"It was a disappointment, not making the Chase. To be truthful, I don't think that ever crossed the radar screen - that we wouldn't make the Chase. For all of us, including me. I was just so confident that we would make it. But that just shows you how tough the sport is. A couple mistakes late in the game and you don't make it."