In the drivers' meeting before the Duels, NASCAR, as expected, informed competitors of a change to the rule governing green-white-chequered-flag finishes.

Instead of one attempt, NASCAR will try to conclude the race under green as many as three times in situations that take an event beyond its scheduled distance.

Under the new format, a race will not conclude until a driver has taken the white flag, signalling the start of the final lap, under green conditions or until three green-white-chequered attempts have been made.

NASCAR originally had contemplated an unlimited number of attempts but settled on three after consultation with its drivers. The rule change went into effect before the Duels but did not come into play in Thursday's races.

All of NASCAR's top three touring series will follow the same format.

"Will you take into consideration fuel mileage on this green-white-chequered finish?" Jeff Gordon asked in the drivers' meeting. "I mean, if you have a lot of cars that are close on fuel, are we going to keep going green-white-chequered?"

NASCAR's managing event director David Hoots replied: "We'll take three attempts, and three is where we'll cap it, so it's up to your crew chief to calculate fuel mileage."

by Reid Spencer / Sporting News