Though Juan Pablo Montoya's baptism into NASCAR racing may not have been as violent as Brad Keselowski's, the Colombian driver acknowledged that he did take some early lessons to heart and expects Keselowski to do the same.

Nearly two weeks ago at Atlanta Motor Speedway, Keselowski's #12 Dodge was sent flipping and flying courtesy of intentional contact from Carl Edwards, who wanted to repay Keselowski for contact on lap 40 that ruined Edwards' chances of a solid finish. The move, which clearly upset Keselowski, resulted in a three-race probation for Edwards.

The two drivers and their car owners met with NASCAR to try and clear the air on Saturday.

"I think he'll learn," Montoya said Saturday morning. "He's going to say he's going to race the same way, but I'm sure he won't. And if he does, somebody else will wreck him again.

"It's hard. You want to show you can get the job done, but with the races being so long, I think you've got to respect everybody. I struggled with it. I didn't wreck anybody at the beginning, but I was an ass to get past, because I was used to that. I was used to racing the hell out of everybody -- and you don't have to."

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