MATT KENSETH - No. 17 Crown Royal Ford Fusion (Finished 6th) - "I am really happy with the result. There are a few things to be encouraged by, the first being how well we ran when the sun was out. We were a top three or four car when the sun was out. When the track got dark it changed and we couldn't keep up with adjustments and we couldn't figure out what the car wanted. We weren't as good at the end of the race as we needed to be. We got lucky because Todd made a great call to take two tires on the fly and got us a sixth place finish out of it."

CARL EDWARDS - No. 99 Aflac Ford Fusion (Finished 7th) - "I am really proud of my SUBWAY team. Everybody did a great job tonight. I am really proud to come out here and race this car at the SUBWAY Fresh Fit 600. I wish we could have run a little bit better. We got better as the night went on. We need this to be a 700 or 800. Overall it was a good night." WERE THE EXTRA LAPS A GOOD THING? "I think they were good. It makes this more grueling and a tougher race for everyone. The track changes the whole time and the crew chiefs need to be on top of it all night. It's not a win, but it is a good points night for us."

AJ ALLMENDINGER - No. 43 Valvoline Ford Fusion (Finished 15th) - "It was a tough day. We have to keep working on our race cars. It was pretty cool to be on the pole and get out there and lead some laps, but it is a tough race track with the way the conditions change out there. We fell behind a little bit, but the guys did a good job." TALK ABOUT THE WAY YOU FINISHED STRONG? "Well, at the end of the race we got it back. We were the best we had been, but it is NASCAR, so eventually you know you are going to get a green-white-checkered. We were damned if we do and damned if we don't on tires. We take four and we are behind everybody ... we take two and we are in front of everyone that took four. You aren't going to hold Jimmie Johnson back on a restart with two tires. He split me and that put us in the middle, and then we got down in the corner where Marcos Ambrose hit me and sent me for a ride. We were lucky we didn't get into a wreck."

DAVID RAGAN - No. 6 UPS Ford Fusion (Finished 19th) - "We definitely made our UPS car better throughout the race. We were just never able to take advantage of taking two tires versus four tires, and I just fought it all day. Even when it was at its best, it was never perfect. We just had to fight every single lap and pass as many cars as we could. Finally, we got into a good rhythm there at the end and were able to pass some cars, but we didn't need to see that last caution come out. I felt like we could have finished 15th or better, but on that last caution, the No. 24 was leaving his pit stall when I was coming in and I had to slow down quite a bit there, so we ended up having to take four tires instead of two. Our UPS pit crew did a good job all night and made the car better. We just have to get better during qualifying on Fridays."

TRAVIS KVAPIL - No. 34 Long John Silver's Ford Fusion - WHAT HAPPENED OUT THERE TONIGHT? "I don't know, really. We blew something for sure. It just kind of laid down out there. We weren't having a very good day and that kind of put us out of our misery more than anything. It is just one of those deals. WHAT IS IT ABOUT THIS TRACK THAT MAKES IT SO DIFFICULT? "It is just really slippery. The track is worn out and these newer cars don't handle very good to begin with. It is hot and slick today, so it's just a combination of all that stuff." DID IT GET ANY BETTER ONCE THE SUN WENT DOWN? "Yeah, the track definitely picked up grip. Our handling on our car was never very good, but it did get a little better once it cooled off."

KASEY KAHNE - No. 9 Budweiser Ford Fusion - WHAT HAPPENED WITH YOU AND KURT BUSCH OUT THERE? "I didn't see it. I didn't see it, but from where I was I thought I gave him lots of room and I'm pretty sure he just got loose and came up. Basically he hit me as he was spinning sideways. It is disappointing that's for sure." WAS THE TRACK PRETTY SLICK? "Yeah, it is slick ... but it always is."