Parker Kilgerman won Saturday afternoon's NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Talladega Superspeedway, the 22-year-old driver's first win in a national-level NASCAR event - and just two months after he was dropped by his former team Brad Keselowski Racing just 11 races into the 2012 season after almost two years together.

"Halfway through the season it looked like my career was not on the upward slope I had hoped it would be on," said Kilgerman after claiming the chequered flag at Talladega. "I felt like my career was looking at a position where I was probably not going to be a part of NASCAR much longer.

"There is a vindication, because we won. Winning fixes everything," he said, looking giddy in victory lane from a mixture of the overpowering emotion of the moment - and the overpowering fumes from his slightly over-exuberant celebratory burnout.

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Kilgerman led only two of the 94 laps at the 2.66-mile superspeedway, and one of those - the last one - was under caution after a massive wreck came out after the white flag was shown, but that suited Kligerman just fine as it meant that victory was his after nearly two hours of gruelling racing.

Polesitter Ty Dillon led the first eight laps of the race but such is the nature of racing at Talladega that it was only eight laps before Ron Hornaday Jr. pushed Jason White into the lead for a couple of laps, after which Aric Almirola popped to the top before the first caution of the afternoon for David Starr's turn 2 accident on lap 15.

After pit stops, the next green flag saw James Buescher take over from Almirola at the front and produce the longest stretch in the lead of the race so far, with 11 laps out in front before the yellows were out again on lap 32 for a spin by Rick Crawford in turn 2. That gave the field a chance to come back onto pit lane for new fuel and tyres, and in Nelson Piquet Jr.'s case the chance to clear a front radiator grille clogged with grass after taking evasive action to avoid the incident.

Ty Dillon led at the restart on lap 37, followed by Kurt Busch, Joey Coulter, Justin Lofton and James Buescher ahead of Jason White and Timothy Peters; but a three-car wreck on the backstretch on lap 46 managed to wipe out Ross Chastain, Todd Bodine and Johnny Chapman after Chastain was hit by Johnny Sauter to spark the multi-car wreck that brought out the yellows again.

The fourth caution of the race followed on lap 60 when Donnie Neuenberger lost the #1 and hit the wall in turn 4, collecting Nelson Piquet Jr. in the process. The Brazilian admitted after retiring that he just plain didn't like the superspeedways, and moreover just didn't understand them.

"These superspeedways are just complicated," Piquet said. "Maybe it's my fault and I was too pessimistic when I got here. I don't like this place, I don't like the way it happens."

The lead had in the meantime cycled through Ty Dillon, Timothy Peters, Kurt Busch, Ryan Blaney and Johnny Sauter, but none of them were able to stay out in front for more than three laps until Justin Lofton finally found clear air and settled in for a 20-lap stay at the head of the field, which included a new caution on lap 78 for a spin for Ron Hornaday Jr. on the frontstretch with the help of a flat tyre.

Although Lofton held on to the lead at the restart on lap 81 with the help of a boost from Kurt Busch, he lost the draft next time around and fell backwards, the lead going to Jason White who was getting help from Kilgerman. Then another flat tyre for Hornaday led to another spin for the #9 and another caution for the race a couple of laps later, setting up another restart scramble for the lead with just six laps remaining.

White retained the lead at the restart, but a couple of laps later Ty Dillon got behind James Buescher to push the #31 into the lead for what looked like the decisive move of the race - but it proved to be a mistimed attempt to lock up the win.

"Ty hooked up with me and pushed me up to the front, but I think we got there too early," admitted Buescher, who said that's when it "all kind of fell apart." He lost touch with Dillon, and as he tried to back up to resume the draft with the #3 he was wide open to a surge from Parker Kligerman who steamed past him on the high side into the lead of the race for the first time of the day, with the help of Johnny Sauter.

Even so, it could still have gone wrong for Kilgerman even as he took the white flag to start the final lap. But no sooner had he done so than a big wreck broke out behind him on the backstretch: among those badly caught up in the mayhem were Lofton, Starr, Crawford and John Wes Townley, while others including Jason White, Miguel Palado and Matt Crafton managed to make it through in slightly better shape.

"We almost wrecked," added Ty Dillon. "I'm just glad we finished ... I'm kind of glad it's over."

And it really was all over: the white flag had already been shown, and that meant no green-white-chequered restart attempts. The race was done, the field frozen at the moment of the multi-car wreck. And at that moment, it had been Kilgerman - out in front of his drafting partner Sauter - who was duly declared the winner of the race.

"We fought every single thing you could possibly fight today," revealed Kligerman after demonstrating his proficiency at super-smokey burnouts. The truck had suffered electrical and battery issues, a bad vibration and a slow pit stop during the race all of which had left him down in 21st place at the restart on lap 66, but the #9 had survived and been in the right place when it mattered.

"Today, I was put with some of the best people I ever worked with and ever raced with," he said, referring to his new team mates at Red Horse Racing who had taken him in after his ejection from BK Racing. "I feel like switching times, all the things that happened, this team gave me a ton of confidence ... I feel like we've been on fire since then, and it was a matter of time before we would get that first win.

"When you get so close to something so many times and don't achieve it, you can take two paths," continued Kligerman. "You can doubt yourself, doubt the situation you are in, doubt the people around you. Or, you can keep your self-belief and self-confidence and look at the positives."

At Talladega on Saturday afternoon, there was no question that the positives far outweighed any negatives, as Kligerman became the eighth different winner of the seasons in the 18 races so far in 2012.

"I probably never dreamed it would happen here," he said of his breakthrough maiden win in NASCAR racing. "I haven't finished a superspeedway race without incident in about three years.

"I'm proud to have it happen here at Talladega."

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