It had all being going so well on Thursday in NASCAR Sprint Cup's first big test opportunity of 2013 for the new Generation 6 cars at Daytona International Speedway, but sooner or later it had to go wrong - and it did, in the morning of the second of three days of pre-season testing.

Dave Blaney took the #36 Tommy Baldwin Racing Chevrolet for an impact test against the outside wall at turn 2, the first accident of any of the new model car. While Blaney was unhurt, the damage to the car was sufficient to end testing for the team. Roush Fenway's Greg Biffle almost became the second accident victim of the day early in the afternoon session when he half-spun the #16 in turn 4 early in the afternoon session, but he was able to hold onto it and pilot the car harmlessly over the inner apron.

But there was no such luck for the ten cars embroiled in the testing 'Big One' that came soon after, as cars were attempting to simulate pack drafting runs. A misconnect between Marcos Ambrose and Dale Earnhardt Jr. at the front of the pack ended up involving the cars of Jeff Gordon, Jamie McMurray, Brad Keselowski, Kasey Kahne, Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch, Joey Logano, Regan Smith, Greg Biffle and Ambrose's Richard Petty Motorsports team mate Aric Almirola before the dust settled.

"I had Junior pushing me," explained Ambrose. "I just got caught on the edge of the bumper there and with the shaped noses and the tires, just spun me out. It was hardly even a bump. It was just enough at the wrong angle, wrong time and just went for a spin. I feel bad for everybody because quite a few cars were torn up there."

Not only did that temporarily halt proceedings, the wreck also means that many of the teams involved will now pack up and head home to lick their wounds. Even some of those teams not caught up in the wreck, such as Michael Waltrip Racing, decided to follow suit as it became clear few top runners would be left for the final day of testing on Saturday to make any worthwhile drafting tests possible.

Jeff Burton ended up topping the morning timesheets with a lap of 46.200s (194.805mph) on the 2.5-mile speedway putting him almost three tenths ahead of Kevin Harvick, while 2011 Daytona 500 winner Trevor Bayne set an early drafting lap of 45.079s (199.65mph) before the afternoon wreck to go 0.077s clear of new Penske Racing signing Joey Logano.

Morning session

1. #31 Jeff Burton Chevrolet 46.200s (Leader) 194.805mph (10 laps)
2. #29 Kevin Harvick Chevrolet 46.498s (-0.298s) 193.557mph (12 laps)
3. #20 Matt Kenseth Toyota 46.603s (-0.403s) 193.121mph (12 laps)
4. #27 Paul Menard Chevrolet 46.641s (-0.441s) 192.963mph (20 laps)
5. #16 Greg Biffle Ford 46.700s (-0.500s) 192.719mph (21 laps)
6. #18 Kyle Busch Toyota 46.707s (-0.507s) 192.691mph (11 laps)
7. #78 Kurt Busch Chevrolet 46.735s (-0.535s) 192.575mph (14 laps)
8. #9 Marcos Ambrose Ford 46.743s (-0.543s) 192.542mph (15 laps)
9. #10 Danica Patrick Chevrolet 46.752s (-0.552s) 192.505mph (18 laps)
10. #33 Austin Dillon Chevrolet 46.772s (-0.572s) 192.423mph (5 laps)
11. #43 Aric Almirola Ford 46.805s (-0.605s) 192.287mph (17 laps)
12. #24 Jeff Gordon Chevrolet 46.842s (-0.642s) 192.135mph (12 laps)
13. #42 Juan Montoya Chevrolet 46.905s (-0.705s) 191.877mph (23 laps)
14. #56 Martin Truex Toyota 46.919s (-0.719s) 191.820mph (23 laps)
15. #39 Ryan Newman Chevrolet 46.926s (-0.726s) 191.791mph (28 laps)
16. #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Chevrolet 46.930s (-0.730s) 191.775mph (22 laps)
17. #21 Trevor Bayne Ford 46.975s (-0.775s) 191.591mph (15 laps)
18. #14 Tony Stewart Chevrolet 46.980s (-0.780s) 191.571mph (15 laps)
19. #5 Kasey Kahne Chevrolet 46.994s (-0.794s) 191.514mph (15 laps)
20. #55 Mark Martin Toyota 47.005s (-0.805s) 191.469mph (10 laps)
21. #22 Joey Logano Ford 47.053s (-0.853s) 191.274mph (18 laps)
22. #15 Clint Bowyer Toyota 47.058s (-0.858s) 191.253mph (19 laps)
23. #51 Regan Smith Chevrolet 47.058s (-0.858s) 191.253mph (13 laps)
24. #1 Jamie McMurray Chevrolet 47.073s (-0.873s) 191.192mph (19 laps)
25. #13 Casey Mears Ford 47.086s (-0.886s) 191.140mph (18 laps)
26. #99 Carl Edwards Ford 47.098s (-0.898s) 191.091mph (12 laps)
27. #48 Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet 47.124s (-0.924s) 190.985mph (15 laps)
28. #2 Brad Keselowski Ford 47.126s (-0.926s) 190.977mph (19 laps)
29. #17 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Ford 47.184s (-0.984s) 190.743mph (18 laps)
30. #95 Scott Speed Ford 47.478s (-1.278s) 189.561mph (10 laps)
31. #38 Josh Wise Ford 47.508s (-1.308s) 189.442mph (13 laps)
32. #36 Dave Blaney Chevrolet 47.713s (-1.513s) 188.628mph (9 laps)
33. #47 Bobby Labonte Toyota 47.978s (-1.778s) 187.586mph (8 laps)
34. #83 Travis Kvapil/David Reutimann Toyota 48.905s (-2.705s) 184.030mph (5 laps)

Afternoon session

1. #21 Trevor Bayne Ford 45.079s (Leader) 199.650mph (39 laps)
2. #22 Joey Logano Ford 45.156s (-0.077s) 199.309mph (21 laps)
3. #56 Martin Truex Toyota 45.178s (-0.099s) 199.212mph (26 laps)
4. #55 Mark Martin Toyota 45.184s (-0.105s) 199.186mph (23 laps)
5. #99 Carl Edwards Ford 45.188s (-0.109s) 199.168mph (27 laps)
6. #43 Aric Almirola Ford 45.207s (-0.128s) 199.084mph (23 laps)
7. #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Chevrolet 45.226s (-0.147s) 199.001mph (55 laps)
8. #16 Greg Biffle Ford 45.236s (-0.157s) 198.957mph (44 laps)
9. #18 Kyle Busch Toyota 45.236s (-0.157s) 198.957mph (33 laps)
10. #13 Casey Mears Ford 45.239s (-0.16s) 198.943mph (55 laps)
11. #2 Brad Keselowski Ford 45.243s (-0.164s) 198.926mph (25 laps)
12. #17 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Ford 45.299s (-0.22s) 198.68mph (41 laps)
13. #9 Marcos Ambrose Ford 45.306s (-0.227s) 198.649mph (25 laps)
14. #15 Clint Bowyer Toyota 45.326s (-0.247s) 198.562mph (19 laps)
15. #5 Kasey Kahne Chevrolet 45.336s (-0.257s) 198.518mph (22 laps)
16. #78 Kurt Busch Chevrolet 45.347s (-0.268s) 198.47mph (37 laps)
17. #1 Jamie McMurray Chevrolet 45.358s (-0.279s) 198.421mph (19 laps)
18. #27 Paul Menard Chevrolet 45.372s (-0.293s) 198.36mph (45 laps)
19. #14 Tony Stewart Chevrolet 45.605s (-0.526s) 197.347mph (47 laps)
20. #33 Austin Dillon Chevrolet 45.606s (-0.527s) 197.342mph (33 laps)
21. #51 Regan Smith Chevrolet 45.746s (-0.667s) 196.739mph (15 laps)
22. #24 Jeff Gordon Chevrolet 45.804s (-0.725s) 196.489mph (15 laps)
23. #29 Kevin Harvick Chevrolet 46.596s (-1.517s) 193.15mph (28 laps)
24. #20 Matt Kenseth Toyota 46.606s (-1.527s) 193.108mph (23 laps)
25. #31 Jeff Burton Chevrolet 46.626s (-1.547s) 193.025mph (26 laps)
26. #10 Danica Patrick Chevrolet 46.65s (-1.571s) 192.926mph (26 laps)
27. #39 Ryan Newman Chevrolet 46.772s (-1.693s) 192.423mph (20 laps)
28. #42 Juan Pablo Montoya Chevrolet 46.779s (-1.7s) 192.394mph (30 laps)
29. #48 Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet 46.91s (-1.831s) 191.857mph (67 laps)
30. #38 Josh Wise Ford 47.205s (-2.126s) 190.658mph (22 laps)
31. #47 Bobby Labonte Toyota 47.862s (-2.783s) 188.041mph (32 laps)
32. #83 Travis Kvapil/David Reutimann Toyota 48.754s (-3.675s) 184.6mph (26 laps)


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