While no one's suggesting that NASCAR's most popular driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. should give up his day job anytime soon for a career in acting, he does a pretty good job taking over from David Hasselhoff in this spoof 'Coming Soon' trailer for an all-new version of the 1980s classic TV show Knight Rider.

Hasselhoff's relationship with the original KITT was never exactly plain sailing, but that's nothing to the exasperation that Earnhardt gets from the all-new whining version of the hi-tech supercar which believes in safety first, that going too fast should be avoided at all costs, and that Dale shouldn't be clogging his arteries with fast food. In other words, a real spoilsport ideally suited for our current era of health and safety!

As good as the trailer looks, don't go checking your autumn TV listings for the new show, as this is strictly a spoof played for laughs. Although we'll bet that TV executives in LA are looking at this now it's gone viral and thinking: "Hey, you know what, that's a really cool idea..."

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The trailer is the work of Emmy-winning comedy video website Funny or Die and the new KITT (voiced in the original by William Daniels) is played by regular contributor Angela Trimbur.

Meanwhile, Earnhardt himself continues his bid to win the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship this week,, with the fourth round of the 2014 Chase taking place at Kansas Speedway. Full coverage here on Crash.net as always!