The VK Vodka Kick-backed Fiesta SportingTrophy UK will climax in a thrilling finale on the Bulldog Clubmans Rally next weekend, with the title still up for grabs and competitors aiming to make the most of their final opportunity to score points this year.

The prize of a brand-new Ford Fiesta ST can be claimed by either fireman Chris Moore or student George Thomas, with the added prestige of becoming the first-ever Fiesta SportingTrophy UK champion.

Thomas, 20, has won two FST UK rallies, triumphing on the Pirelli Rally in May and Park Systems in September. Despite his relative lack of experience, the Hereford-based ace has been a model of consistency this year, with the season-opening Malcolm Wilson Rally representing his only non-finish of the year.

Moore, 31, won the Severn Valley Rally in June and the Swansea Bay Rally in July but has registered DNFs on the Pirelli in May and Jim Clark in July. Although he has previous rally experience, the Sunderland star had not contested a full season's rallying for a number of years before entering the FST UK this year.

In terms of points, Thomas leads the standings with 43 to Moore's 36. However, the championship is based on the best six results from the season's eight rallies. Drop the two worse scores so far and the difference between the two is a mere two points, meaning all is to play for.

The Bulldog Clubmans Rally takes place on Saturday, 21 October and covers 45 stage miles spread over four stages.

Here are profiles and Q&As with the two title protagonists:

George Thomas

Date of birth: 08/05/86

Lives: Hereford

Occupation: Student

Hobbies: I'm a student so student life and drinking, quite a lot of mountain biking and a bit of motocross.

Mobile ring tone: Just the standard one.

Eastenders or Coronation Street: Eastenders

Chinese or Indian: Chinese

When did you start rallying? Properly two years ago, so I've done the last two full seasons. Before that I did a few rallies but not a serious campaign. Last year I did the BTRDA 1400s and we won that so it would be quite nice to win the Fiestas in my second full season.

First rally: The Mid-Wales Stages three years ago.

What do you think of Chris Moore as a driver? He's good, but he's been around a long time! He's getting on now and he's done a lot of one-make championships and he's got experience at it. I think he's a quick bloke.

Which would be the quicker combination; you co-driving for Chris or him co-driving for you? If I was co-driving for Chris we'd be off because I'd be saying left instead of right, so probably me driving!

If you win the championship how will you celebrate? With a hell of a party back at my place. I'd invite all the people who helped us over the year, sponsors and future sponsors, and it would be very good.

If you could do any rally in the world in your Fiesta ST which one would you do? I'd probably do Sweden. I've watched the rally on the TV and it's awesome. It's fast and there are big jumps.

If Marcus Gronholm was in a Fiesta ST could you beat him? I'd give it a good go! I'd like to think there's only so fast you can go in a Fiesta. He'd probably be faster than me but I think I'd be somewhere near.

Name three sports in which you could beat Chris Moore: Rallying, rugby and on a motocross bike.

What have you learnt this season? It's been a big learning curve and it's been a very stressful year. I've learnt to deal with a lot of pressure, especially coming towards the last rounds. I'm more relaxed now than I was at the start of the year which is quite surprising. I've learnt how to drive a car which handles very well but is different from other cars I've driven and that has meant I've had to focus.

How's the car been? The car's been good. Once the initial problems were ironed out it's been a brilliant little car. I'd like it to be lighter and have a bit more power, but other than that it's been a good car.

It was the FST UK's first season, did it go as you expected? It's gone really well. I've been lucky with only one breakdown. We were always going to be the guinea pigs - as that's the way it will be with it being the first year - but it's been really good.

Best rally this season? My best rally has been the Park Systems because it was the first rally this year I've actually won as a straight-out win. The Pirelli was good, I won that as well, but Kevin Davies was taking time out of me and I wasn't driving that well at the end of the day. On the Park we were the fastest pretty much all the way through the day.

Worst rally this season? We had an engine mount break on the Malcolm Wilson, we were going really well up till then and we were nearly leading the rally. Owen Murphy was only a second ahead of me when we went out, so without the mount breaking we might have had the championship wrapped up by now.

Plans for next year? Depends what sort of budget I can get. I'd like to do something like the Fiesta SportingTrophy International.

Chris Moore

Date of Birth: 14/4/75

Lives: Sunderland

Occupation: Fireman

Hobbies: I haven't really got time for hobbies. I'm a fireman and I do my best to run Innovation Motorsports so I don't get a nanosecond. I keep fit, I'll do 40 minutes running in the morning, but I'm never as fit as I want to be because I like my food too much!

Mobile ring tone: A really mellow sort of thing which gives you a little nudge first then gradually gets louder because it goes off about 140 times a day! If I had anything dramatic it would drive me nuts, it's just a mellow few beats.

Eastenders or Coronation Street? Eastenders

Chinese or Indian? Chinese. I stink when I eat Indians!

When did you start rallying? I started rallying in 1994 and did four-and-a-half years as a co-driver before I started driving. The first event I co-drove on was a local event at a place called Stobbs Camp. I badgered the guy from the motor club who had an Escort Cosworth to let me sit with him. I didn't have a clue what on earth I was doing, nobody gave me any prior instruction. I just turned up at the first time control and the marshal said 'what time do you want?' and I just said 'whatever', so I don't think the driver was terribly impressed! We finished third overall, I got a trophy and then I was just hooked from that day on.

First rally: As a driver it was the Centurion Stages at Albemarle in 1999. I went off the start line on stage one and about 300 metres in I had a puncture on the front. I did seven miles with a front puncture because there was no way I was going to stop on my first-ever stage! We went on to finish second in the class that day. We did four events that year and I won my class on the remaining three of them.

What do you think of George Thomas as a driver? George seems to be very consistent. I think he's got more finishes than anybody else at the top end of the championship and rarely makes mistakes. He's out rallying in my old car in his spare time as well, so I'm sure that's helping him on his way. He's a good lad, I like George and have a lot of time for him. He deserves to be where he is in the championship, he's a young lad and he'll certainly go places that's for sure.

Which would be the quicker combination; you co-driving for George or him co-driving for you? Me being an expert co-driver from the past I'm sure I could do him a lot of favours! That said, I think him co-driving for me would be the faster combination.

If you win the championship how will you celebrate? We're going to have a big team down on the Bulldog, we have a lot of help and support in our rallying, both through Innovation and a lot of my friends help us out and they've all been invited down. Everyone's coming to the end-of-season awards as well. We'll certainly celebrate in style.

If you could do any rally in the world in your Fiesta ST which one would you do? Finland, and I was on my way to the airport to compete in Finland this year in a Fiesta when I was told to come back home again because the car I was going to use developed problems. I want to do Finland 100 per cent.

If Marcus Gronholm was in a Fiesta ST, could you beat him? Yeah. I've always said bring on anybody you like. I don't know where the extra speed would come from because a car will only go so quick. I've always quite fancied taking on someone like that.

Name three sports in which you could beat George Thomas: Rallying, running and a Geordie sport like necking bottles of brown ale in a brown ale drinking competition.

What have you learnt this season? I've learnt loads every day I've been rallying. I've genuinely learnt an awful lot. I thought I was going to come out pretty average having had three years off but the pace has been there. I've learnt that little mistakes can totally destroy a championship and being as precise as Sebastien Loeb isn't easy, but if you can be, then a championship would be a lot easier to win. I've made a handful of mistakes that I can think of off the top of my head which have made my championship a lot harder; it could have been sewn up but for three miniscule mistakes. I've learnt that young drivers are quick but it's not the be-all-and-end-all to be young. People keep going on about these young superstars - you're over the hill when you get to 24 - but I think experience counts as well. I've learnt that although I might not be young I can still use the experience I've gained over the years to keep up with the young ones.

How's the car been? The car's been very good because we have our own team running it and they've really done well. We've had next to no mechanical dramas other than things that can't be helped like when a rock broke a driveshaft on the last event. I've got a team of five or six lads who have really put a lot of work and effort into the car and have prepared what I think is probably one of the best Fiestas out there and it's done us proud.

It was the FST UK's first season, did it go as you expected? It's had its teething problems as anybody would have expected, but I don't think it's had any more than I expected to have. Despite a few little areas that needed improvement the cars have been great - they're rock solid. I'd like a bit extra performance, but I think it's achieved its goal of having a good steady level playing field with reliable cars. The events have been great. I said at the start of the season, one of the main reasons I came to do this championship was because of the rallies that had been chosen, they're cracking events. We've been well looked after, we've all been on the TV, we've had good PR - what more do you want? It's going to get bigger and better over the next few years and it's definitely the championship to be in.

Best rally this season? I would say the Severn Valley has been the best rally this season because we led it pretty much from start to finish. We were a couple of seconds off on the first stage and then once we took the lead we could drive at a pace we felt comfortable and we kept on setting fastest times. It didn't seem like we were putting anything at risk, so it was a good, confident display. I was happy, I hadn't been there before so I was learning the stages as well and the times were just coming good.

Worst rally this season? Probably two identical moments on different rallies. On the second stage of the Pirelli Rally, on the way we were lying second or third after the first one and I said to Rich, 'this rally's here to be won', then halfway through the stage we were stood at the sidelines with a broken bottom ball joint after a silly bit of tree stump on the inside of the corner. Then the same thing happened on the Jim Clark - we were lying second or third and on the second stage we broke a ball joint. It's really depressing when you put all that time and effort in to a rally and to have it end on stage two is just horrible - both of those rallies were very depressing.

Plans for next year? Once I win this championship and then I can go on to win the shoot-out then I'm going to be working here at M-Sport and I'm going to be test-driving WRC cars!