Darren Pool and Chris Beer were left to count their blessings after escaping injury in a high-speed accident during the RDP Welsh Rally over the course of the weekend.

The pair were contesting the event across the challenging Epynt stages in Pool's Talbot Sunbeam when they lost control going over one of the numerous jumps that litter the stages, with the car rolling a number of times before finally coming to rest on its roof.

Such was the force of the incident that Pool lost his helmet as the car went end over end, although both he and Beer were able to escape with only minor cuts and bruises.

"I was going over a jump I'd done about 25 times before, but this time for some reason, we lost our line while we were in the air," Pool told the Mirror. "There was a gust of wind and we realised we were coming down all wrong. The car landed in a ditch and just started rolling over and over.

"After a few rolls, my helmet was ripped off and at one stage, my arms and legs were hanging out of the window. It was very scary; it felt like we were in a tumble dryer for ten minutes!"

Beer also admitted he was 'lucky to be alive' following the accident, which unsurprisingly left the Sunbeam as a write-off.