The MSA British Rally Championship has confirmed that, as it nearing the end of the first three-year term of its control tyre policy, it is discussing various options with tyre manufacturers to take effect from 2010 onwards.

Championship manager Mark Taylor revealed that retaining the single-make tyre policy was just one of the proposals on the table, with a possible return of competition between manufacturers also up for consideration.

"We want a sustainable solution for the championship, our teams, competitors and events and at the same time continue our firm objective of providing an arena for developing young rally talent," he explained.

Although the decision to switch to Pirelli as the series' single tyre supplier wasn't a universally popular move, especially with drivers who had their own deals with manufacturers not selected, Taylor has frequently been quoted as believing that the closeness of competition has shown it to be a successful one. However, that alone would not necessarily ensure a continuation of the policy.

"Our aim is to keep a lid on rising costs for both tyre manufacturers and competitors, whilst providing real competition and marketing return," Taylor noted, "One of the proposals under consideration would see a return to a multi-tyre championship, but we have not ruled out a continuation of a single make series which has worked extremely well for the past three years.

"The championship is vibrant, the average age of competitors is reducing and entry levels are well above expectation compared to other series in this recession. We have a fantastic mix of young up-and-coming talent, and we want to take the BRC from strength to strength, so we need to consider all options before making another long term commitment."

A decision on the future of both the tyre supply and the successful Star Driver scheme is expected by mid-September.