With everyone commenting on what an amazing job Gwyndaf Evans is doing on the Holyhead to Cardiff cycle to raise money for Spinal Injuries Research and Wales Air Ambulance, we decided to speak to the man himself. He was far too modest to admit how well he is doing, but here's what he had to say about day four...

Today was quite deceptive to be honest. It started with about 20 miles, which was flat, so we covered that ground pretty quickly. Then of course there was a sting in the tail when a steep hill appeared in front of us! But we all gladly cycled up it to raise more money.

It's not a competition, but with us all being rally people we are having fun along the route with each other. Yesterday I had Mark Higgins ahead of me going really well, but only I knew that the hill we were on was quite deceptive. When he got to what looked like the top of the mountain I knew there was more to go, so I was able to catch him! That made my day! But as we keep saying, it's not a competition!

It's been all go, we've had tyres go down, and chains come off, but we're all in it together and have been helping each other out along the way. We've done about 55 miles in extreme heat today. I only have to see the sun and I go red, so I've got a bright red face now!

At times we've been dripping in sweat, that's for sure. We've got CamelBaks on which hold about 1.5 litres of water but we soon get through that, we're having refills at least four times a day and we have little bottles of water too.

As the week is going on I think we're all getting more excited about the reality of what we're doing too. It's not only good exercise and good fun, it's all for a very good cause too, and that's helped us gain momentum. The two charities are so important in motorsport, something everyone should support.

Now we're just a few miles shy of the 200 mile mark, and we've all got stronger as the week's gone on. I've not thought about the finish on Saturday yet though. I just go with the flow and take each day as it comes, for example, we thought today was going to be easy and it wasn't so you have to take it as it comes. But you know when the end of the day is due - because your bum soon reminds you how long you've been sat on the saddle!

Today we went from Rhayader to Brecon, via Newbridge on Wye, Builth Wells and Talgarth. Tomorrow we've got a 33 mile route from Brecon to Bargoed.

People have been amazing in their donations, and we are so grateful for that. Tonight we're off to Brecon Theatre where Brecon Motor Club are putting on a buffet and an auction. The evening is being hosted by Phil Collins, so it should be great fun and we hope to raise even more.

To sponsor us online, please visit: www.justgiving.com/wrc-brc/

Gwyndaf Evans


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