UK rally legend Russell Brookes is helping the Bulldog Rally organisers to recruit marshals by offering a prize for their Marshals' Draw.

One lucky marshal will win a ride in a rally car with the twice British Champion, at the Kick Energy sponsored Rally Show at Chatsworth on June 5 and 6.

For the prize ride Brookes will use either the Opel Manta that took him to the 1985 British Championship title or the Talbot Sunbeam Lotus which he drove on the 1981 RAC Rally. Both cars are still resplendent in the colours of Russell's long-time sponsor Andrews Heat For Hire.

"Safety on special stages is paramount and having plenty of marshals is a major factor in this," said Brookes. "If offering this ride encourages more people to volunteer then that can only be a good thing.

"Malcolm Neill, managing director of The Rally Show, has kindly allowed me to take the winning marshal in the co-driver's seat around the special stage at Chatsworth and also donated a pair of tickets for the winner and friend to attend the show."

"We are already getting strong interest from marshals but we can always do with more," added Bulldog Rally's chief marshal, Becky Hinton. "We are running five different events and utilising eight stage locations so we need plenty of help.

"I would like to thank Russell, Malcolm and the rally car owners for offering this exciting prize. We are getting some other fantastic prizes donated but this has to be the one that most marshals will hope to win."

Anyone thinking of volunteering as a marshal can find further information in the marshals section of the events official website: