by Rob Wilkins

Gwyndaf Evans has set his sights on getting another good points' haul for Mitsubishi on the Rally Yorkshire this weekend, the latest round in the 2008 Tesco 99 Octane MSA British Rally Championship.

Evans returned to the 'works' Mitsubishi UK team last month following the squad's decision to 'part company' with 2007 Evo Challenge champion, Phillip Morrow. The Welshman went well on the Ulster too, finishing seventh overall - and third in the BRC category.

Following that success, the 49-year-old, is determined to do just as well this Saturday on the Trackrod: "More of the same in terms of what Mitsubishi want [is what we are hoping to achieve]," Gwyndaf told Radio at the Castle Combe Rallyday last weekend.

"We are there to do a job and I think they just want a strong second car to score good points and to support Guy [Wilks], who is trying to win the championship again.

"Quite clearly I can't win the championship as I am only doing a few rounds. Hopefully we can build seat time up as well. We are going to have a test pre-Trackrod and that will be good."

Asked what it was like to come back and compete on the Ulster after so long on the sidelines - his last outing prior to that was on the Wales Rally GB in December - Evans added that it was definitely a 'shock to the system'.

"I didn't think it was ever really going to happen to get the chance to come back and drive," he continued. "Being away for ten to eleven months it was a big shock - but a pleasant one.

"I did have half a days testing before Ulster and I found the Ulster quite difficult in as much as, having ten to eleven months away may not sound a lot, but it is a lot at that level. It took a few stages to get into things.

"Obviously I had a new co-driver as well - so a lot of new things to adapt too. But we got through unscathed and picked up a good third, which is what the team wanted. I am looking forward to the Trackrod now."

As for if it was disappointing to return to the team as a result of Phillip Morrow's misfortune, Gwyndaf conceded, ideally, he would have liked the circumstances to be different.

"Obviously I was disappointed for Phillip. It is always tough when you lose a drive and he has huge aspirations to go forward and that was difficult. But at the end of the day it was nothing to do with me," he explained.

"I wasn't involved in it. I didn't really know anything about the situation because I was with GEMsport [my own outfit as team boss] doing a rally the weekend of the Manx and hadn't really taken that much noticed of it.

"I can't say I was sorry to get a phone call asking: 'Do I want to drive on the Ulster?' But yes, it would have been nicer to return under a different situation."

So what's happening now for Wales Rally GB? Will he do that event with Mitsubishi as well?

"Nothing is confirmed. It is rally-by-rally at the minute. But obviously if we can do a good job in Yorkshire that will help," he summed-up.



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