Renowned and respected team boss Hector Neil - the driving force behind the ultra-successful TAS name - believes the Isle of Man TT remains at the pinnacle of motorcycle racing.

Neil, who runs Relentless Suzuki by TAS with son Philip, said the TT will remain an important event on the racing calendar as long as the organisers continue to promote it in a professional manner. He also revealed winning the Senior TT is his 'main goal'.

Speaking in the official newsletter of the Isle of Man TT, he said:

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"For me personally the TT is the pinnacle however Philip has to look after the BSB also which is hugely important to our sponsors and to the manufacturers therefore he needs to ensure BSB still gets equal attention at least."

"I know the TT has become very important to Philip as well over the years and as long as the TT team keep promoting the event in a professional manner it will remain important to the manufacturer which helps to ensure that we can bring our team to the TT every year."

He continued:

"Without question the Senior TT is my main goal, I first won the trophy in 1982 and as a team we have won it another three times since then, one more time would be nice."

"However with the competition as strong as ever I would be pleased with any race wins. As a team Philip and I both share the passion about the Senior Trophy however from our sponsors point of view any TT win is prestigious."

In the interview, Neil also reflects on a difficult 2009 season on the roads, which he says was partially due to the struggle to find a perfect set up to suit both roads and short circuits.

"We did have a very good year in BSB, let's not forget that. However, the combination of a new model GSXR 1000, a new Japanese Factory rider and a very tough calendar logistically around the time of the NW200. BSB and the TT really did put us under too much pressure."

"We tried to arrive with the perfect set-up for both disciplines and it just did not work out for various reasons, including some horrible luck."

He also responds to the rumours that the now confirmed 2010 rider line-up of Cameron Donald and Bruce Anstey was in doubt at the end of the 2009 season.

"We did discuss this in detail, although in the end we decided that we had a good relationship with both riders and the fact that we had just finished an under par season where both team and rider had problems, it made perfect sense to come back stronger with the same line-up."