At the 2010 Annual General Meeting of the Southern 100 Club, Derek Nicholson was re-elected as the club's President.

Whilst there was no surprise in Derek being re-elected to the position he has held since 2002, he was delighted to be proposed and seconded to become a Life Member of the Southern 100 Motor Cycle Racing Club and accept his badge from Chairman Phil Taubman.

Derek said: "I am very humbled to be proposed as a Life Member of the Southern 100 Club and it is an honour to accept. I will continue to be involved with the organising of the friendly races for many more years."

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Derek Nicholson first became involved with the racing on the Billown Course in 1974, attending his first Committee Meeting in 1977. He was appointed to the Programme Committee in late 1982 and was responsible for his first race programme in 1983.

November 1984 saw him co-opted as a Director and was elected as Chairman of the Club, a position he held for 17 years and 3 months, until he was elected as President at the AGM of February 2002.

As part of his commitment to the Southern 100 Races, Derek has been the club's representative at the Isle of Man Centre ACU for many years and is its present chairman.