Ian Hutchinson maintained his place at the top of the Isle of Man TT timesheets on the second day of practice.

Heavy morning rain and fog dispersed as Tuesday wore on and by the evening, the majority of the Isle of Man was blessed with bright sun and clear blue skies, ideal weather for the second official practice session.

However, the rain that had fallen for much of the night and morning meant that, whilst most of the course was dry, damp patches did remain, particularly under the trees and riders were warned to be cautious with the track particularly wet at Ramsey Hairpin.

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After the extremely rapid speeds of the opening night, many were wondering if the 130mph barrier could be broken as early as Tuesday but that was far from the mind of the riders who were simply concerned with getting miles and laps under their belt and ensuring machine set up was the prime focus.

Michael Dunlop was the first to set off down Glencrutchery Road, this time alongside Bruce Anstey, the pairing on their Superstock and Superbike machines respectively.

Keith Amor set off next, having his first outing of the week on his 600cc machine, with Cameron Donald, the Aussie again electing to take his Superstock Suzuki out first.

Guy Martin was on his Superbike as was Gary Johnson but Michael Rutter, Dan Stewart, Adrian Archibald, Ian Hutchinson and John McGuinness all opted for their Superstock machines. Ryan Farquhar and Daniel Kneen were both Supersport mounted.

Anstey was first back, lapping at 123.357mph with Dunlop slightly slower at 122.406mph but it was Martin who was again fastest on the opening lap, recording a speed of 125.028mph.

Hutchinson and Johnson were both over 123mph with Archibald, Rutter and Stewart all over 122mph. Farquhar was the quickest of the 600s at 120.665 just ahead of Amor at 119.800mph. Jim Hodson was in trouble early on though pulling off the course at Barregarrow.

Martin and Anstey were circulating at high speed at the front of the field and they both went quicker second time around at 126.752mph and 126.244mph but the damp patches were clearly evident though with Hutchinson and Rutter in the 121mph bracket.

McGuinness had problems though and his second lap on his Superstock bike was only 112.11mph, the Honda sounding sick as he cruised across the line. Amor was getting more dialled in on the HM Plant Honda Superbike though with a lap in excess of 124mph.

Elsewhere, Conor Cummins was the quickest of the 600s on the second lap at 121.04mph just ahead of William Dunlop and Farquhar but Michael Dunlop again finished fastest overall in the Supersport class with a time of 122.728.

Hutchinson went back out on his Superbike and was quickest through the Sulby speed trap at 189mph recording 126.566mph and then 128.017mph to again be the quickest on the night.

Dunlop was quickening his pace too at 125.688mph with Amor going quicker still at 126.043mph. Indeed, most riders opted to take their Superbike out later in the session giving the track that little bit more time to dry out with Donald
again lapping above 127mph.

David Johnson was again the quickest of the newcomers with a very impressive 116.284mph but all of them were improving steadily, Stephen Thompson again second best but going quicker at 114.293mph. Herve Ganther, Clinton Pienaar and Brian McCormack were all above 107mph with David Jones, Brandon Cretu and Daniel Cooper all going well on their 600cc machines.

Provisional Times:

Poker Stars Superbike TT

1. Ian Hutchinson Padgetts Honda 128.017mph
2. Cameron Donald Relentless by TAS Suzuki 127.212mph
3. Bruce Anstey Relentless by TAS Suzuki 126.919mph
4. Guy Martin Wilson Craig Honda 126.752mph
5. Keith Amor HM Plant Honda 126.043mph

Monster Energy Supersport TT

1. Michael Dunlop Street Sweep/Hardship Racing Yamaha 122.728mph
2. Keith Amor Kojak Racing Honda 122.649mph
3. Conor Cummins McAdoo Kawasaki 121.527mph
4. William Dunlop CD Racing Yamaha 121.484mph
5. Ryan Farquhar KMR Kawasaki 121.452mph

Royal London 360 Superstock TT

1. Ian Hutchinson Padgetts Honda 126.339mph
2. Conor Cummins McAdoo Kawasaki 125.812mph
3. Michael Rutter HM Plant Honda 125.429mph
4. Guy Martin Wilson Craig Honda 124.319mph
5. Adrian Archibald AMA Racing Suzuki 122.928mph