Within 48 hours of the first day of racing ending at the 2010 Isle of Man TT, Duke had four complete laps from the Superbike and first Sidecar races available to buy on DVD.

And just 24 hours after Monday's Supersport and Superstock showdowns, another volume of white-knuckle on-board action was in the shops!

The turnaround was quick - but the quality is in no way compromised. Using the spectacular footage of North One Television, these DVDs feature the highest quality on-bike laps captured during the TT. Isle of Man TT On-Bike Laps 2010 Volume 2 offers four complete laps of the 37.73-mile Mountain circuit.

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The first three come from the six-lap PokerStars Superbike event, run on Saturday afternoon, while the final is from the epic three lap Sure Sidecar race of the same day.

First up is Keith Amor on the 1000cc HM Plant Honda, with the rear-facing camera letting you share the experience of battling with Cameron Donald for more than 12 miles. This is true high speed drama, all happening at an average speed of 128.9mph!

On lap two it is the turn of Bruce Anstey on the Relentless Suzuki by TAS Racing Superbike to act as cameraman. From a standing start he hits an average of 126.9mph, making use of a clear track and his smooth, stylish riding to give you a wonderful rider's-eye view from the forward-facing camera. Anstey's Australian teammate Donald is back next, escorting us around the second lap of the Superbike race at more than 129mph on the 1000cc Suzuki.

The final lap of Volume 2 features a maiden TT win for one of the event's most hard-working stars - former sidecar World Champion Klaus Klaffenbock. After years of misfortune, it all came good for the Austrian, with Manxman Daniel Sayle, in the first race for chairs this year. It was an epic battle against TT legend Dave Molyneux on corrected time, but on the track we witness a nose-to-tail dice with Tim Reeves at speeds of up to 145mph - and you'd better hang on tight, because you're in the passenger chair of the 600cc LCR Honda outfit!

For Isle of Man TT On-Bike Laps 2010 Volume 3 we've increased the content to five laps - we just had to stay on board with Guy Martin for more after a scintillating first lap of the Royal London 360 Superstock race!

First up is Michael Dunlop on lap four of the Superbike TT, the rear-facing camera letting you feel every slide as rear tyre of the Street Sweep/Robinson Concrete Superbike fights for grip under the power of the 1000cc Honda engine.

Lapping at 128.87mph, we see how Dunlop uses every inch of the road and the late braking into Creg-ny-Baa will leave you shaking - almost as much as the dice with Guy Martin between Glen Helen and Ballaugh and the terrifying moment at the bottom of Barregarrow!

Next is TT2010's "Mr Consistency" - Ian Hutchinson. We go on board for the first lap of the Superstock race, which Hutchy would win and set a staggering new lap record for. The forward-facing camera records Hutchinson averaging 128.759mph from a standing start, his control and smooth style making it look easy as he claws back 10 seconds on veteran Ian Lougher by Ramsey, before drafting past and onto a jaw-dropping run over the Mountain - this is why in just two days of racing Hutchinson was catapulted into the list of TT greats.

Australian star Cameron Donald didn't have the start to the 2010 TT he wished for, but it wasn't through a lack of effort. This single lap - the final circuit of the Monster Energy Supersport race 1 - throws just about every challenge the TT has to offer at you as you ride on the 600cc Relentless Suzuki by TAS Racing machine at an average speed of more than 122mph.

Battling to control the bike through Handley's and Rhencullen, dealing with slower machines, negotiating yellow flags, suffering every bump from Sulby to Ramsey and dicing with Ian Lougher and Conor Cummins - it's all here. You'll find yourself leaning into the bends as the front-facing camera shows Donald flicking the Suzuki left and right with alarming speed.

Finally, it is the always entertaining Guy Martin on the Wilson Craig Honda Royal London 360 Superstock race. This is heart-in-the-mouth stuff as we join Martin for the first lap, at more than

He takes the forward-facing camera so close to the walls and hedges at times you would swear the rider must be brushing the scenery. In fact, this ride was so good we had to have more - so we stay on board for lap two as Martin goes on a flier - pulling back Ian Lougher's 50 second start advantage by Kirk Michael on lap 2! This sequence also includes one of the most terrifying on-board moments ever captured - just watch out for Adrian Archibald as we blast into Barregarrow!

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