Paul Owen enjoyed a good weekend of competition during the Ulster Grand Prix after securing a top ten finish in the 250 class.

The Speedycom rider battled it out for a top five finish initially before settling for an eventual eighth, Owen going on to follow that up with top twenty positions in the Superbike and Superstock categories.

"Well after a couple of bad weeks and doing a lot of soul searching I can confirm that I've found my "mojo" again! I really enjoyed riding at the Ulster even though things didn't go 100 per cent with the bikes

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"The Honda RS250 was going good and I qualified in eighth but the start line gremlins had returned so I was last away but somehow I managed to get to sixth place on the second lap but the leaders had gone and I was then in a really good battle with three other riders.

"We were slip streaming each other and at some corners we were going into them four-abreast! But I was in good company and felt safe.

"The Yamaha R6 was flying! I managed to get involved in an 8 bike scrap with a really fast group of riders and I lapped almost 122mph. I was testing the new Michelin tyres and wasn't 100 per cent certain of how hard to push them, but was able to hang on in with the other lads. This gave me a big smile on my face as I ended up in 16th place and the bike has a standard engine as well! I'm down about 20-25 bhp on the top bikes too!

"The Speedycom Performance Kawasaki ZX10R was a flying machine. I was enjoying the sheer power of the 1000cc beast and the new Michelin tyres were working well. I'd lapped almost 123mph and was feeling confident and it felt fast everywhere (184mph through the speed trap).

"In the corners she was gripping great and coming out of them she was lifting the front wheel with the bike still cranked over on its side. I had to fight with the bike more and use the foot pegs to help steer her. I managed to finish in 20th place in the Superstock 1000cc race but I had to retire from the Superbike race with the broken damper causing the ZX10R to be very unstable."