Double World Enduro champion David Knight has taken another victory in the Weston Beach Race after a dominant performance saw him lap all but one competitor by the chequered flag.

A fourth solo win for the factory KTM rider, Knight managed 22 laps and won by over seven minutes from Jamie Lewis and 16-year-old debutant Luke Hawkins in second and third positions.

Just under 500 solo riders took to the track after being led down to the beach by RHL promoter Gareth Hockey before being let loose onto the track just after to tackle the four and a half mile course in three hours

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Knight showed his hand early on by shooting out the gate early on, eager to pull a lead in the opening stages. He was tackled by youngster Scott Elderfield who briefly took the lead for some of the opening lap. This was short lived when Knight used the full power of his factory KTM down the straight on the second lap and pulled a 30 second lead on lap two from Jamie Lewis with Elderfield in third.

At the one hour stage Knight had stretched his lead to 2mins and 15 seconds from motocross racers Lewis, Shane Carless, Tom Church and Luke Hawkins. At the eight lap stage it was the Manxman still led the pack from CCM Tom Church after Jamie Lewis stopped for fuel after lap seven.

At the half way stage, an hour and a half in it was still Knight from Church, Jamie Lewis, Carless, Hawkins, Danny McCanney, Aaron Poolman, Jamie McCanney, Rick De Feu and Joe Jones.

CCM rider Church suffered a bike problem in the closing stages of the race having been in second position for the majority of the race. Church who was five minutes down on Knight went out at 2 hours and 36 minutes handing second place to Lewis. Knight at this stage had a 6mins 12secs lead over Lewis and had lapped the majority of the field at least once.

Knight further stretched his lead in the closing stages and dominated the field proving why he was a worthy World Champion and totally showed his form at the Beach Race wowing the massive crowd who had turned out on the day to watch the riders battling it out over the fierce course.

The final top ten consisted of three Manxmen with Knighter taking the win but also brothers Danny and Jamie McCanney taking a fantastic fifth and sixth place overall. The final top ten was Knight, Lewis, Hawkins, Poolman, Danny McCanney, Jamie McCanney, De Feu, Jones, Tom Healey and Nigel Kibble.

"I can honestly say that's the first Beach Race I've had without any major bike problems. My KTM run so smooth it was just mega, I couldn't have asked for more from them. The smallest thing I had, was a dragging clutch for a bit but that seemed to sort itself out. It was mega fun out there, the weather was awesome and the track was great.

"I would like to thank Gareth Hockey and all involved for the work that they have put into this over the past year after the problems that they had last year, it can't have been easy but it was fantastic this year and pleased for him and his team.

"Hopefully I'll be back again next year to have another shot at it!"

Top road racer on the day was Chris Walker in 11th place and Ty Kellett who made a stunning return after his crash last year finished in 38th place on his 125.