There will be no changes to the results of the second Isle of Man TT Supersport race after a red flag was shown mistakenly, delaying a handful of riders.

The red flag was deployed at Ramsey Hairpin during the Supersport race, prompting Bill Callister, David Madsen-Mygdal, Dave Hewson, Scott Wilson and Daniel Cooper to come to a halt as per the regulations.

With the Manx Radio's TT commentary reporting the red flag, another flag was shown at Union Mills, before being quickly withdrawn. Keith Amor, Cameron Donald and Guy Martin were all reported to have slowed down before resuming at full speed again.

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Despite the error, Race Control have since deemed that the podium positions were not affected by the incident and the riders who stopped at Ramsey were given estimated times to compensate.

Gary Johnson won the race, ahead of John McGuinness and Martin. Donald - one of the riders who slowed at Union Mills - had been chasing down Johnson when he retired in the latter stages regardless.