John McGuiness completed a lap of the TT course in between the day's Classic bike racing action at the invitation of the MGPF VIP Club.

The 17 time TT winning legend hosted a fund raising day for the club before taking to the mountain circuit for a closed roads parade lap on his Honda TT Legends Fireblade with which he won both the Dainese Superbike and Pokerstars Senior Tourist Trophy races on the island this season.

"There were a lot of people out there including marshals and medics and it made me appreciate how much goes into organising the event," he said. "It was really special to get the most famous track in the world to myself for half an hour. I just want to go again now."

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"I was getting a lot of pit boards with things like seventeen and P1, which was great. I got my head down in a few places and rode the bike quite hard. I've had so many experiences here - both ups and downs - but I love the place.

"That feeling never goes away. I watched Hutchy go round last year and I was really jealous and thought I definitely want to do that so I was delighted to be invited by the organisers."