By Kyle White

Guy Martin has yet to put pen to paper on a deal that will keep him in Tyco Suzuki's Isle of Man TT plans for a second consecutive season.

Martin, star of TT3D: Closer to the Edge, has agreed a verbal deal with team boss Philip Neill to continue with the factory-supported outfit in 2012, but until the ink has dried on a new contract Neill says it cannot be taken for granted that Martin will be a Tyco Suzuki rider this season.

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On the current impasse, Neill - who stressed that he still expects Martin to commit to the team - said: "Everything is agreed between us but there's been very little conversation between us in the last six to eight weeks, maybe ten weeks.

"The bottom line is that it's not signed, sealed and delivered yet and I'm waiting on written confirmation from Guy. I can't be any more honest than that and as far as we're both concerned we have a deal agreed but these things aren't confirmed until they are signed.

"We represent a manufacturer and we have several corporate sponsors on board, it's no longer enough just to seal a deal by verbal agreement alone," he added.

"I'm representing several bigger companies and business transactions need to be done on a legal basis - you can't just work on a handshake.

"I don't envisage any longer-term problem with the deal with Guy, but it has to be done in writing. I'm not making a big story out of this, the question has been asked if Guy is signed and I'm just being honest and telling you that he's not.

"I feel he will be part of the team again but he just needs to confirm that."

Neill also revealed that talks have been held with Manx rider Conor Cummins and Michael Dunlop, but reiterated that no deal has been "signed, sealed and delivered" with any rider for the new roads campaign, at the centre of which lies the North West 200, Isle of Man TT and Ulster Grand Prix.

On the possibility of Manx rider Cummins joining the team, Neill said: "Nothing is done and dusted with regards a second rider either. There are quite a few people supporting the idea (of Cummins joining team) but I have to point out that any conversations we've had with Conor in terms of a deal have always been between Conor and us directly or one or two of his personal sponsors.

"We have a separate arrangement with the Isle of Man TT organisers to appear at the event regardless of who the riders are.

"On a personal level I'm sure the TT guys would be dead keen to see Conor in one of the top teams but it's nothing more than that and I know there was speculation around the Isle of Man that certain people were joining together to buy Conor a ride (with Tyco Suzuki), but that is not the reality."

Cummins returned to the sport last season following his career-threatening TT crash in 2010 and Neill believes he can recapture his best form this year.

"I think his biggest concern was whether he would be able to go back to racing and now he's finishing the races in terms of duration, therefore he has the strength and the fitness to do it. If he's got that, then there's no reason why his speed won't come back.

"If he can ride the bike then he can ride the bike fast and there's no concern over that. We are actively working on finalising the details of our road race team for 2012 and it will sort itself out over the next few days."