John McGuinness may have amassed an incredible 17 victories at the Isle of Man TT, but the Morecambe rider has lost none of his appetite for the historic Mountain road race.

The Honda TT Legends rider has been setting the pace in the superbike class all week and on Wednesday raised the bar with the first 130mph lap of 2012.

He comes to the TT in fearsome form after he won the openingSuperbike race at the North West 200 and finished in the top five in the remaining Superbike, Supersport and Superstock races.

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There is no question McGuinness - still the outright lap record holder on the Mountain Course with a speed of 131.587mph - sets the benchmark in the Superbike and Senior races at the TT.

But he is equally capable of winning any race on the Island next week and in his current form, few would bet against him doing exactly that.

"The TT is the most important race of the year for me and I'm so passionate about the race. When I was a kid and 10 years old it blew me away and I always said I was going to win one day," McGuinness said.

"Here we are with 17 wins and it's absolutely amazing. I still feel good, I still feel excited and I still get nervous at the TT.

"I was there or thereabouts in the other classes last year. I finished fifth in the first Supersport race and second in the second 600 race and I was second on the Superstock bike, so when I look at it that way I should be happy."

Although he is everyone's favourite for more success in the blue riband races at the TT, McGuinness feels he can challenge for success in the Supersport races this year.

"I did my best ever lap time on the Supersport bike at 126.8mph or whatever and put my heart and soul into the race and finished second and there was nothing more I could do," he added.

"You can only do your best but I've won the 600 races before in 2004 and 2006, so I know how to ride one.

"I'm a little bit heavier than the other riders and that is obviously a disadvantage on the smaller bikes at the TT, but you never know - with a bit of luck and determination on the day I might still be able to win a 600 race."

McGuinness turned 40 in April but he isn't entertaining any thoughts of retirement just yet and believes he still has 'plenty left in the tank'.

"I've turned 40 this year and I don't look any younger but in my head I still feel like I'm 21 and I still feel as though there's a little bit left in the tank yet to go on for a while and race.

"Even when I do retire I'll come back to the TT and watch and help and put something back into a sport that has given me a fantastic lifestyle," he said.

"I'm here on the Honda Legends Superbike and I'm also back on Clive's [Padgett] bikes as well. I'd like to win a 600 race because we deserve one, especially on Clive's bikes.

"Clive and his team put a lot of effort into the bikes and the Supersport bike is good enough to do the job, it just depends if I am good enough on the day."