Northern Ireland's Ryan Farquhar took his second successive podium finish at the 2012 Isle of Man TT races on Wednesday when he finished third in the Supersport race.

The KMR Kawasaki rider narrowly edged out Kiwi Bruce Anstey to seal the final spot on the rostrum by one hundredth of a second.

His fellow countryman, Michael Dunlop, won the race from Australia's Cameron Donald, who finished as the runner-up for the third time at TT2012.

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Farquhar also stood the rostrum in Monday's Superstock event, when he finished third behind Dunlop and John McGuinness.

A delighted Farquhar said: "I certainly wasn't expecting a podium in the Supersport class at this year's TT so be sitting here now in third place is absolutely brilliant.

"The race was going well and I would certainly have been happy with fifth but I could see from my signals that it was close between Bruce, John and myself so I kept pushing as hard as I could.

"When Cameron came past, I got into his slipstream and it towed me along a fair bit.

"I was having to take some wider, sweeping lines just to stay with him but it was great fun and Cameron never put a wheel wrong - he was as safe as houses and I could have ridden with him like that all day," he added.

"Towards the end of the final lap, I could see how close it was for the final podium spot so I got by him and just rode as hard as I could over the final few miles.

"One hundredth of a second was ridiculously close but I'm delighted that it went in my favour on this occasion. I've got two more races to go so let's hope the week ends on a high note."

Farquhar starts as the red-hot favourite for the Lightweight Supertwin race at the TT on Friday and also competes in the showpiece Senior race, which will be held over six laps of the Mountain Course.