Josh Brookes has reiterated his desire to make a comeback to the road racing scene as well as another Suzuka 8 Hour outing and is expected to outline his plans in the coming weeks.

The 2015 MCE British Superbike champion confirmed his return to the national series with Anvil Hire Yamaha last week and has the opportunity to return to the Isle of Man TT as it avoids any racing commitment clashes or contract issues.

In 2013 Brookes became the fastest newcomer to the Isle of Man TT, only for that tag to be taken by Peter Hickman a year later, while the Australian rider also returned in 2014 with a fastest lap around the mountain course of 129.8mph on the Milwaukee Yamaha.

After missing the event for the past two seasons due his contract ties with Shaun Muir Racing Brookes is now free and eager to make a comeback.

"Conversations are ongoing and something I am exploring," Brookes told "The roads is definitely something I am happy to ride and have been looking to do before but it was only SMR who put the stop to it before as they saw it as a distraction from the short circuit stuff. Now I am free to make my mind up again.

"It is just getting all the ducks in a line. There is a lot of stuff to consider with contracts and conflicting sponsors. It is not easy to collaborate so I am trying to find that happy middle ground where everyone can accept it."

Brookes has been strongly linked with a potential deal with Norton factory squad which has made impressive gains over the past two years at the Isle of Man TT.

The Australian rider concedes a potential conflict of interest has delayed him in confirming his full racing plans for 2017 but is confident of securing a deal both for the roads and the Suzuka 8 Hours.

"The Suzuka 8 Hour is mentioned in my contract and is one of the races that has already been ticked off as something I want to do and if the opportunity presents that I can do it the team have agreed to give me the freedom to do that," he said. "The deal isn't done yet but the conversations are ongoing.

"I'm trying to do all the things on my chosen list so if I can do all the different ones which excite me then it will be a busy year. I like to be busy, if I could race every other weekend I would, I'm not one to get tired or want a break from it.

"If it was an endless budget and an endless resource I would be happy to go racing every second weekend of the year if I could. It would be a pleasure for me to race in everything but we will see what can be achieved."