Jason Crump has a 34-point lead at the top of the World Championship standings after taking victory in the British Grand Prix at Cardiff on Saturday.

The Australian took full advantage of a second chance in the Final at a packed Millennium Stadium after early race leader Greg Hancock had fallen having just been overtaken by Jarek Hampel. In the re-run, though, it was Crump who took the advantage with Andreas Jonsson re-passing Hampel for second spot.

Crump won three races on his way to the Final although his points tally from his five qualifying heats was bettered by Hancock and Bjarne Pedersen, who both scored 12. Pedersen, however, finished behind Crump and Jonsson in his
semi despite winning four of his five races.

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Crump's night was made all the better by the failure of Nicki Pedersen to reach the semi-finals. The Dane was unusually subdued and carded just four points from five rides.

British interest ended in the second semi-final after Scott Nicholls had mounted a late rescue operation to finish in the top eight. Nicholls overtook Hampel to win Heat 18, and that proved to be enough after Leigh Adams had dropped from first to third in Heat 20. Nicholls, however, fell whilst at the back in his semi.

Lee Richardson was unable to repeat his heroics of 2004 as he finished with five points, whilst Wild Card Simon Stead picked up three points from his final two outings after some tough rides early on.

Jason Crump 25 (qual. points 11), Andreas Jonsson 20 (9), Jarosolaw Hampel 18 (8), Greg Hancock 16 (12), Bjarne Pedersen 12, Tony Rickardsson 10, Matej Zagar 9, Scott Nicholls 8, Antonio Lindback 8, Tomasz Gollob 7, Leigh Adams 6, Niels-Kristian Iversen 5, Lee Richardson 5, Nicki Pedersen 4, Simon Stead 3, Piotr Protasiewicz 3.

Crump 95, Hancock 61, N.Pedersen 59, Gollob 52, Hampel 46,
Jonsson 43, Zagar 40, Rickardsson 36, Adams 34, Nicholls 31, B.Pedersen 30, Lindback 25, Richardson 17, Iversen 17, Protasiewicz 10.