The Grand Prix series has a new winner - and in the first event to take place in Sweden since the retirement of the great Tony Rickardsson, it was his successor as Swedish No.1 who finally broke his duck.

Andreas Jonsson, having been knocking on the door for some years now, won the Scandinavian Grand Prix at Malilla amidst scenes of celebration as the World's finest riders braved appalling conditions to put on a thrilling

Jonsson was the best of the best in terms of machine control on a treacherous surface that had been put into a raceable state by the hard-working track staff, who were kept busy throughout a meeting that was run in gradually worsening rain.

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On several occasions the Swede had to battle his way through from the back, and that included the Final itself when he took advantage of race leader Hans Andersen picking up unwanted drive at the end of lap two to make a
passing move on the inside.

By that stage, the race had already lost series leader Jason Crump, who fell on turn three but sportingly cleared the track - after previously coming to grief on the first bend with all four riders being called back for a re-run.
And Crump took another step towards the title, extending his overall lead to 61 points with just 75 available from the last three events - the Australian knocking closest challenger Greg Hancock out of the Final by finshing second
ahead of him in the semi.

Hancock now faces a battle to hold on to second place as four riders are covered by 15 points, Jonsson moving into contention for a medal, Nicki Pedersen adding 11 points and Leigh Adams staying in touch with a third place finish in the Final.

Pedersen's strong performance came to an end when he was excluded in the second semi-final after falling on turn four having been moved out by a hard-charging Scott Nicholls. But Nicholls himself was destined for a controversial exit from the meeting as he clashed with arch-rival Andersen down the pits straight as the two
disputed second place. Andersen fell, and an angry Nicholls was thrown out with the Dane and Adams moving into the Final by default.

An ecstatic Jonsson said: "I'm so happy, I can't describe how I feel and I hope that now I've won one I can relax without the pressure of never having won a Grand Prix. I wasn't making good starts early on and I had to pass people, it's just fantastic. And it was great to see all the fans here, their support was brilliant."

Second-placed Andersen maintained his record of being on the rostrum in all three GPs he has contested this season.
He said: "Again I made a mistake in the Final but I'm not as disappointed about it this time as I was in Lonigo. Andreas was probably the best rider on the day and I'm chuffed for him to win in his home country because I've done that and know what it feels like. It was a really tough night but we had to get the show on and everyone did

Andreas Jonsson 25, Hans Andersen 20, Leigh Adams 18, Jason Crump 16, Greg Hancock 12, Nicki Pedersen 11, Jarek Hampel 10, Scott Nicholls 8, Bjarne Pedersen 8, Niels-Kristian Iversen 6, Tomasz Gollob 4, Lee Richardson 4, Piotr Protasiewicz 4, Matej Zagar 4, Antonio Lindback 3, Ryan Sullivan 1.

Jason Crump 156, Greg Hancock 95, Nicki Pedersen 85, Andreas Jonsson 84, Leigh Adams 80, Scott Nicholls 67, Bjarne Pedersen 66, Tomasz Gollob 66, Jarek Hampel 63, Hans Andersen 63, Matej Zagar 58, Antonio Lindback 48, Lee Richardson 41, Niels-Kristian Iversen 36, Lee Richardson
34, Piotr Protasiewicz 18.