The Krohn Racing team left the "Roar before the 24" test at Daytona International Speedway satisfied that they had completed everything they set out to understand about their new Ligier JS P2 car ahead of the Rolex 24-hour race.

The team were able to participate in all eight sessions, which included a variety of conditions, and gave their four drivers enough time in the cockpit to get use to the new machinery. Krohn Racing are preparing for the Rolex 24-hour race on the 24-25 January and the team confirmed they will have a reliable race-ready car.

"We learned a lot about the car so it's really good we were here at the Roar this weekend," Team Owner and Driver Tracy W. Krohn said. "We had one fundamental matter on the suspension hook up that we changed. I'm still on happy with traction control, but we'll get there.

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"The car has always felt good and I'm very pleased with how comfortable everything feels and I'm also content with the test overall. There are some things we'll take away from this test and we'll come back to the race ready."

Fellow driver Nic Jonsson admitted getting to grips with the Continental tyres was proving a tricky task for the Krohn Racing team because it is suited to the Daytona Prototype cars rather than their new machinery.

"The tyre is designed and built for the Daytona Prototype cars, which has completely different weight distribution and aerodynamics than we do," Jonsson said. "It's a little tricky to get this new Ligier to work on this specific tyre, but we've been sorting through the processes With the technical help and engineering help from Onroak Automotive, along with the help from Alex and Olivier, we've started to get a handle on it."

Pla and Brundle, son of former Formula 1 driver Martin, gave glowing reports on their experience with the team and adjusting to the different set up.

Pla said: "For me specifically, the weekend has gone perfectly. As a team we have some very good people on the team who are very motivated. The atmosphere of the team, I love. It's just a matter of finding the right balance in the car."