ORECA Technology has unveiled its new Le Mans prototype chassis - the ORECA 05 - which will compete in this year's World Endurance Championship and European Le Mans Series.

Five ORECA 05s will be used in the LMP2 category - two by Signatech-Alpine's A450b and two by KCMG in WEC and one by Thiriet by TDS Racing in ELMS in 2015.

David Floury, ORECA's Technical Director, explains the manufacturer's previous model, the 03, will remain in production alongside the new 05.

"The ORECA 03 has been so successful and its history has not come to an end yet. The aim is for the ORECA 05 to maintain that momentum and to win Le Mans," Floury said. "We're on a mission. This is an ambitious programme, on all levels, but Le Mans is clearly a priority for us, just like the USA in early 2016."

The design features anti-intrusion panels made of a tough zylon material which is integrated into the chassis, aimed to prevent any penetration into the cars core components.

The manufacturer has made the width of the car smaller - from 2000mm to 1900mm - in order to meet future 2017 regulations and have attempted to lose as much weight where possible.

The 05 model also possesses new power steering and an updated gearbox and suspension system. The aerodynamic package has also been rethought and redesigned, with ORECA Technology working closely with feedback from its customer teams.

"Technically, we've made decisions for the future, and not only in terms of safety," Floury said. "Choices regarding the width of the car for instance also illustrate that. Generally speaking, the study consisted in conducting an important work on details. We've looked to optimise as many things as possible.

"In terms of the car's weight for instance we think that our approach is a radical one compare to our rivals. We've paid attention to the teams observations and feedback, as we wish to establish solid relationships while strengthening existing bonds.

"We're embarking on a project that will take us up to 2020, that goes to show how important it is.

"The ORECA 05 stands as one of ORECA's showcases, but not the only one. Because it's ORECA's most recent project, it is also the most talked about, together with the Rebellion R-One in LMP1 for which we are currently supervising the integration of a new engine."


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