Formula Kart Stars announced an ?8000 prize fund which will allow 60 drivers to visit and use the facilities at the iZone Driver Performance Facility at Silverstone.

The 'In the Zone' prize was first announced at the Autosport International and initially was made available for 12 drivers during the 2012 season to go on a course at the centre. The latest announcement means that at every FKS round, drivers from the five classes will have a chance to win the prize. ?125 prize vouchers will be on offer which can be used to pay for a full hour at the centre or in part for a longer session.

Formula Kart Stars explained the criteria for winning the prize to "The 'In the Zone' prize can be for a single drive or a series of drives throughout the day that the championship organisers feel that the winning driver really went above and beyond expectations. It would be a winning drive, or a drive where the driver smashes his or her own personal best lap time or one where he or she overcomes a problem and drives through the field."

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"iZone have been extremely generous with their prize fund," FKS Championship Director Carolynn Hoy said. "But what I'm really pleased about is that this prize can benefit all our drivers, from the youngest Cadet to the oldest Senior Max pilot. Anyone can be 'In the Zone' no matter what type of kart they are driving and this prize reflects that.

"Formula Kart Stars drivers have been extremely fortunate to have benefitted from iZone's superb training facilities over the last twelve months and the feedback we have had from all those who have worked with iZone has been fantastic. iZone really do help our young drivers become potential champions of the future."