Former V8 Supercar title winner John Bowe is to return to touring car action after purchasing a stake in the Biante Touring Car Masters series.

Bowe, who won the title in 1995 and retired from V8 racing at the end of the 2007 season, has acquired the Mustang and series licence of recently retired driver Drew Marget.

The deal will see the two-time Bathurst winner back behind the wheel of a Ford car, with his purchase of the Mustang ensuring he will now be a stakeholder in the Masters series.

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"This mainly came about with encouragement from Jim Walker from WesTrac and John McMellan from Wilson Security who said they'd support me with this new phase of my career," Bowe said. "As it all coincided with Drew's decision to focus on his role as Technical Director and step out of racing - this was the perfect opportunity.

"Why a Ford? With most of our races on the V8 Supercar calendar I've been mega surprised over the last 18 months by the number of fans who want to see me back in a Ford of some description.

"I'm very active at the moment with sponsorship hunting and have been pleasantly surprised by the positive response and will be able to announce my full sponsorship program soon. But obviously WesTrac and Wilson Security have been the driving force behind my entry into the series as an owner / driver and I'm extremely grateful to them.

"I've probably never outright owned a race car myself - I went halves with my Dad in my first race cars and then as a professional driver I raced other people's cars. I've got a gut feeling this will work.

"There is no way I would buy a racing car if I didn't believe in this series - apart from the V8 Supercar main game, this is the best series in Australia... I see it, feel it and people tell me it all the time.

"The series is full of interesting cars and interesting characters and, for me, it is really enjoyable - I want to race in this category till I'm at least 80."